Wandsworth ‘happy place to live’

Published: Thursday 6th December 18

Wandsworth is the fourth happiest place to live in the Capital, and the happiest inner London borough, a new survey reveals.

The annual Happy at Home survey by property website Rightmove asked more than 21,000 people across the UK how happy they are with where they live, based on factors such as how safe they feel, how friendly the neighbours are, the standard of local services, opportunities to develop their skills and the quality of green spaces and cultural activities.

Wandsworth came fourth in London, pipped only by leafy Richmond, Bromley and Kingston. It came top of the inner London boroughs, ahead of trendy Camden and four places above Westminster.

Wandsworth consistently does well in surveys such as this. Last year it was named the fourth best place to live in England for disadvantaged residents, and previously Balham, Southfields, Earlsfield and Tooting have all scored highly in surveys of desirable places to live. 

The Promontory in Battersea Park, one of London's best-loved green spaces

Deputy leader of the council Jonathan Cook said: “It’s good news that people enjoy living in our borough. We feel it has a real sense of community with everyone pulling together to make it a great place to be. Crime rates are the lowest in inner London, almost all our schools are good or excellent and we have some of London’s best parks.

“We have also worked hard to deliver good local services, keep council tax low and help residents to make the most of the extensive inward investment and regeneration that’s gong on in our borough by putting them top of the list for homes, jobs and training opportunities.

The Northern Line's coming to the borough

“We will continue to create opportunities for our residents and bring improvements to the borough including thousands of new homes and the extension of the Northern Line to Nine Elms and Battersea, so Wandsworth’s only going to be getting better!”

Find out more about how the council is improving the borough at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/brighterborough

Read the Happy at Home survey.

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Great article...but. I have had a complaint with Eandsworth over trash and rats at 184 and 188 WESTHILL. You have passed me to every department and still this is not resolved. I am a very UNHAPPY RESIDENT . Tell Wandsworth to do something.

9 December 2018

Len, I live in a private block and the stairs, balconies and bin sheds are FILTHY!!! I don't know what the landlady is paying service charge for - but, hey! It doesn't matter to her because she's never here. I have taken to mopping the balcony myself. I hoover outside my front door, as far as the power cord will reach. I spent an hour trying to clean dog poo out of the bin shed, which was very difficult because the light bulb had blown. I guess there's no such thing as service any more and nothing gets done unless we do it ourselves!

8 December 2018

Drone of aircraft overhead. Ugh!

8 December 2018

I think its disingenuous of the Council to promote the results of this survey without acknowledging of the demographics/proportionate number of Wandsworth respondents. It's meaningless. It would be interesting to see any recent e.g. police surveys about crime and safety and see how much the Council 'promote' those.

8 December 2018

Wandsworth happy place to live. 2nd of September shooting outside the Bathstore in York Road 16-year-old boy was injured. Residents not allowed to have CCTV or the council will get an injunction order against you as they did to myself and £2000 costs. The council will not install CCTV. Our car park is a rat run children and adults are put at risk with cars, vans and pizza, motorbikes, racing through our private road. The council will not reinstate our barrier gates to stop the rat run. The gates were left unusable by the councils own contractors. Balconies and stairs not kept clean. They are supposed to be cleaned every day only cleaned once in a blue moon. Welcome to that happy place to live Len James
len james

7 December 2018

A sample of 21,000 across the UK by a property company is hardly evidence of anything. But, I suppose, it gives Wandsworth Council yet another excuse to pat itself on the back. Perhaps some of the councillors in the majority party should take a walk around some of their estates. Try the Winstanley or the Doddington - I doubt whether any of those residents were consulted in Rightmove's survey.

6 December 2018