Consultation on council initiatives to support Mayor’s transport priorities

Published: Monday 3rd December 18

The council has unveiled a wide ranging series of proposals to show how it plans to support the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS).

The council’s plans involve improvements to all forms of transport in the borough from walking and cycling to catching buses and taking the train.

Now local people are being asked to study the council’s proposals and provide feedback that will be used to help shape a final set of plans. A public consultation process is now underway which continues until January 11. The final draft will be sent to the Mayor for his approval in February.

The council has a legal obligation to draw up plans showing it how it aims to support the Mayor’s transport priorities, which has the overarching goal of ensuring that 80 per cent of all journeys in London are made on foot, bicycle or public transport by 2041.

The Mayor’s objectives chime with the council’s own plans and priorities for Wandsworth and its residents and businesses, which are focused on creating ‘a Brighter Borough for All’. This has three main strands:

  • Low council tax
  • Cleaner, greener and safer neighbourhoods
  • Help to get on in life

These strands include a range of transport policies, including:

  • Championing Wandsworth as an environmentally friendly borough, great for cycling and with good access to public transport.
  • Keeping streets clean and safe.
  • Bringing new job opportunities, building lower cost housing and making improvements to community facilities and transport.
  • Supporting young and old to stay fit, healthy, active and independent.

Among the council’s own initiatives are the following measures:

  • Work up design options for a Nine Elms Pimlico pedestrian and cycle crossing.
  • Help progress implementation of the Northern Line Extension to Battersea.
  • Roll out energy efficient LED streetlights across the borough.
  • Work with Network Rail and other partners to expand capacity at local stations and seek improved access to stations.
  • Work with key stakeholders to bring forward major infrastructure projects at Clapham Junction station including Crossrail 2, South London Heathrow Link and additional capacity on Gatwick line.
  • Work with TfL to ensure that areas with significant regeneration are adequately served by the London Bus network.
  • Work with partners to promote the Diamond Jubilee cycle and footbridge.
  • Ensure the required transport improvements are achieved as part of the Alton and Winstanley/York Road masterplans.
  • Work with TfL on options to improve the Wandsworth One-Way Traffic System.
  • Work with TfL to bring forward proposals for the borough’s town centres.
  • Appoint a “healthy streets” champion that works to help reduce street clutter and create new pocket parks, as part of a total safety approach.
  • Support greater use of the River Thames for passenger transport, including an
    improved Wandsworth Riverside Quarter pier and access to Putney Pier.
  • Implement cycle improvements as outlined in the approved cycle strategy.
  • Implement Quietways in line with the objectives and ambitions of the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling, taking into consideration local impacts.
  • Continue the introduction of electric vehicle charging points across the borough to facilitate and encourage the take up of electric vehicles.
  • Working with TfL to reduce casualty rates on TfL roads and in doing so help meet Mayor for London’s road safety targets.
  • Deliver a programme of initiatives and schemes aimed at reducing traffic casualties amongst the most vulnerable road users.
  • Install speed warning devices where residents request enhanced enforcement measures and invest in equipment to support community speed-watch.
  • Carry out additional road and pavements repairs and renewal programme following extreme winter weather.

The council’s website has more information about these proposals.

To take part in the consultation visit the Have Your Say website.  

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Recent comments

Please paint Wandsworth Bridge green (like the refurbished Battersea railway bridge).

5 January 2019

It's only just registered with me (via the comment made earlier today) that any visit to the Wandsworth council tip on Smugglers Way will attract the extra congestion charge - I predict a massive increase in fly tipping across the borough.
Lynne Treanor

4 January 2019

This us all good but you still fail to deal with the appalling flybosrding, the flagrant dismisssal of the law, the dreadful huge commmercisl sighns that hang threatening over our heads that haven been there for so long they are rotting. Our Borough is blighted by these arrogant Estare agents. Banning them from a couple of roads is a travesty as to what should be done by these agents BAN THEN NOW We ALL loath them
mark Grant

4 January 2019

I have some concerns ref the proposed toxicity charge routes for outside central London, the route cuts off the access route to the Wandsworth council tip on Smugglers way, as it is on the inside zone of the proposed area boundary.... which means that every time a Wandsworth borough residents wants to use the tip it will be charged for entering the zone.... I would like a response to my email.
Paul C Miller

4 January 2019

1. Please can any new footbridges over the Thames be weather protected? It’s grim crossing these bridges in the winter at night with wind and rain whipping up the river. Plenty of examples on the internet eg in Canada. Why do we have to suffer? 2. Could those ‘Big Buses’ pick up passengers, say at Clapham Junction only, on their way into central London. Use sat Nav tracking.

8 December 2018

One thing the UK can't accept is that we are over populated. Wandsworth keeps building more housing - and folk need to travel around - to works & so on - so obviously there is going to be more privately owned vehicles. Ordering on line - all the supermarkets have their delivery vans - retail have their own delivery system - all creating a massive increase in transport. Taxis, Addison Lee. Uber - an increase in all. Roads in Wandsworth are the same as when I went to school in the 50s/60s - with absolutely no road improvement. As for cutting the Number 19 bus service - our mayor really is a noddy.

8 December 2018

The objectives and initiatives are very laudable but unless rigorous action is taken by the Mayor and the London Boroughs to reduce car/vehicle travel into London, and within London, their impact will remain limited and air quality will remain poor.
Michael Leigh

7 December 2018

It's about time wandsworth council started spending money on structures they are responsible for like painting wandsworth bridge and renew the decorative lighting on the bridge plus renew the pavements. Instead of spending money on bellevue road off Trinity road that has had more money spent on it than wandsworth bridge has ever seen Len James
len james

4 December 2018

It would be very helpful if the 84 page document which this article links to had a Table Of Contents. The Table of Contents page does say "To be added for consultation". Oops.
Philip Bradley

3 December 2018