Council statement on live procurement process for home care services

Published: Friday 30th November 18

The council’s cabinet member for adult social care and health Cllr Paul Ellis has issued the following statement:

“The council is currently involved in an ongoing procurement exercise to commission homecare services when the existing arrangements expire in June 2019. A final decision on this has not yet been reached.

“We are aware that one local group that bid for the contract has been sharing information about this process as part of its campaign to secure a successful outcome for its tender.

“Until a final decision is reached the council is not legally permitted to comment in detail on these matters.

“However, whatever the final outcome, we are sure this group will continue to thrive and continue to win contracts and support vulnerable people not just in Wandsworth but also in the other boroughs where they operate. They will also be able to continue to offer their services to their existing clients, and new ones too, via the Direct Payments system which gives people the choice of who provides their home care and the budgets to pay for it.

“We are sure too that given their substantial assets of around £6.5m, which includes some £2.4m in cash at the bank, that the group is very well placed to continue its activities and build on its already very successful and profitable business model.”

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Recent comments

I find this article slightly distasteful.
susan lofthouse

26 January 2019

Who and what organisation are you campaigning for. this look to every one as a conflict of interest. who ever wrote this article it is obvious that this organisation is owned by someone in the council. "YOU NEED TO BE TRANSPARENT AND NOT TO PUT OTHER ORGANISATIONS OVER OTHERS" THIS IS UNFAIR AND MEAN THE COUNCIL CAMPAIGNING FOR AN ORGANISATION IT NEEDS TO BE CHECKED OUT AS THE PROCUREMENT PROCESS IS COMPROMISED
Florence zainab

17 January 2019