Smarter new street scene for popular shopping parade

Published: Wednesday 28th November 18

Wandsworth Common’s popular Bellevue Road shopping parade is sporting a smart new look as part a £440,000 environmental improvement scheme.

Council engineers are making good progress on an extensive programme of streetscape improvements that are designed to make the area more attractive not only for local residents but to also encourage more shoppers to visit local businesses that front this popular parade of shops, bars and restaurants.

The works include the introduction of new high quality York stone pavements, new street trees, more cycle parking, better street lighting, additional pedestrian safety measures, improved anti-theft security for motorcycles  and the removal of redundant street furniture.

The programme of works was drawn up following a detailed public consultation earlier this year, and are now being implemented along the stretch of Bellevue Road between Trinity Road and St James’s Drive.  

“This project is delivering a real boost to this important local shopping parade,” transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said.

“The changes so far have made a real difference to the look and feel of Bellevue Road, making it much more attractive for residents, shoppers and visitors.

“As well as the smart and attractive new paving, better lighting and the improved bicycle parking we are making it a lot safer for pedestrians as they visit its thriving shops, cafés and restaurants.” 

Funding for the scheme, which should be completed early in the new year, has been raised via a levy on housing developers in the area to pay for improvements that benefit the wider community. 

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Recent comments

I would like to know who to contact about this project? - the new raised roadways are a dangerous decision. I appreciate that they may slow traffic, though from what I have seen to date they do not. What they do do is endanger children (!!). Mark my words, a young child on a scooter will not recognise where the roadway is. Without a distinct kerb I would at least expect some marking delineating pavement from road. Be that different colour stone or paint markings, I don’t care. I do care that when the child on the scooter does not realise there is a road imminently in front them & the foreseeable happens. At best this is naive planning, at worst reckless. WBC I would like to know whom to contact please.
Local resident

14 December 2018

£440,00 of Section 106 funds on a vanity "streetscape" scheme at a time of austerity. For that sort of money, they, WBC could have resurfaced and repaved many streets in Southfields that are in neglect. This on top of the Earlsfield Bridge partial repaint at a cost of, circa, £100,000....A serious lack of technical, financial and engineering ability within WBC to prioritise expenditure on the basis of need as opposed to vanity.
Kaleem Mirza

9 December 2018

A nice good news story describing how S106 money (which btw cannot legally be spent on Battersea High Street or youth centres in Tooting or public transport) is being used to make a vulnerable parade more attractive. The big thing that was however missed was to close the road to through traffic except buses. That is within the power of Wandsworth and that would transform the Common

1 December 2018

Another large expenditure by the Council on transforming a street that was fine in the first place. And soon to follow, the totally unnecessary works to 'smarten up' AKA remove all the character from Battersea High Street. Creating bland, CGI brochure-style vistas might suit developers but does little for locals. If the Council has cash to burn how about funding youth centers, sports facilities, improvements to public transport, more tree planting etc?

30 November 2018

A complete waste of money and unwanted by residents. New set-back road markings are dangerous, and we've had disruption, noise, reduced number of parking spaces in return for... nothing. Will make not the slightest bit of difference to shopping. Meanwhile all the long-standing potholes in Althorp and Wisetpn Road remain, as does the ugly tarmacking over of the two courses of granite bricks - a pleasing feature that once ran uninterrupted parallel to the kerb.
Paul Martin

30 November 2018

This is good news but it is hardly a desirable shopping street! To make it so, restrict the plethora of Estate Agents that ruin the shopping experience. Attract more relevant shops! Hopefully this expensive improvement might achieve this.
David Forcey

30 November 2018

It does look smarter, but who in london is allocating such huge amounts of money to these vanity projects. There is no need for this spending. Also, the new road markings being set back 5meters from Bellevue road as just dangerous (end of Wiseton road). I have seen people almost knocked over already as pedestrians think that have the right of way. Like the mess that is Magdalen road, Wandsworth say they are following new transport for london guidelines - probably some loon with no idea how the real world works, these changes to road markings are dangerous.

30 November 2018

What a waste of an enormous amount of money. It has changed nothing.
Jo Bloggs

30 November 2018

Lived in Battersea for 35 years - never shop further south than where I live and never had a reason to shop in Bellevue Road - has nothing I want - can't park - so how to get shopping home? When a friend owned a restaurant in Bellevue I went a few times - but that's it. The only people those shops are any use to - to buy the paper or the odd pint of milk are those living in the nearby streets.

28 November 2018