Council's rallying cry to ‘Keep the 19 bus route in Battersea’

Published: Thursday 15th November 18

Wandsworth Council has written to TfL in a bid to get it to reverse a proposal to axe a popular bus route.

The number 19 bus runs from Battersea Bridge Road to Finsbury Park and is a well-used route connecting thousands of people every day from the borough to central and north London.

Under proposals put forward by the Mayor the route will be changed so it only runs from Finsbury Park to Holborn where it will terminate.

Wandsworth Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for transport, Cllr Jonathan Cook, said the town hall would be fighting the proposal to shorten the route which will reduce local transport options.He said: “The proposal to take the 19 bus route out of the borough will have a real impact on people who rely on the service.

“Under the Mayor's major bus review we will see fewer buses on our roads and shorter routes at a time when we are urging people to use public transport to stop the harmful effects of car emissions.

“I was recently at a London Councils Transport and Environment committee meeting where Heidi Alexander, the Deputy Mayor for Transport, in a reply to me, said we couldn’t be sentimental about buses and that the routes had to reflect where the demand is and what Londoners need. I wholeheartedly agree and now urge her to put those wise words into practice here.  

“The 19 is a key route for residents and businesses south of the river wanting to travel north towards the West End, particularly to connect with the underground.

“I know people are really concerned about losing this important route, particularly at a time when there are new and proposed developments in the area which will lead to more demand for bus services. The Royal College of Art is currently being expanded and there are plans for more residential units along the river in Battersea, so we need more not less bus services.”

With a number of schools based in Battersea many students also rely on the local bus network to travel across the river each day, especially as there are no rail or underground stations nearby.

It is estimated that under the proposals around 5,200 daily trips on the number 19 will now require passengers to change buses, where previously their journey was direct.

Cllr Cook added: “Passengers are now facing longer journey times and additional changes and waiting at bus stops, which will obviously have an impact on older people, the disabled and parents travelling with children. A lot of these groups rely on a direct bus route and having to change will be hugely disruptive.

“Withdrawing the number 19 from Battersea will also increase the pressure on other routes and it is doubtful these services will cope with the additional demand. I urge the Mayor and TfL to see sense here, listen to our residents and protect this route.”

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Recent comments

if you want to go from finsbury park to holborn you'd take the tube ... or any number of busses - if we in battersea want to get into town we have a lot fewer options & if we want to get to north london only one ... the 19
average user of 19 bus

7 March 2019

I live and work in Battersea for 2 years now. Bus 19 is the only bus i used as it is the only direct bus to get into city centre (i.e. Leicester Square, Hyde Park and etc). It is always crowded and I couldnt think of why this route need to be terminated. There are a lots of white collars and students get on at battersea bridge station. It would be sad and inconvenience and cost extra burden to student and low income resident because the only way to get into centre would then be bus + tube ride.
Jocelyn Chong

22 February 2019

As a resident in the estate in Battersea for four years now, I wholeheartedly rely upon the 19 to get anywhere I to London fast. It is our ONLY route to a tube that doesn’t include half an hours walk, or being cramped on the continuously cramped single decker 170 to Victoria tube station. I rely on it to always get home, whether it be from central, from green park, or. sloane square... it is the only bus route that I feel I can trust to get me home. Ethelburga estate is isolated without the 19. Please please don’t cut us off over the bridge here. Even if it is just the full southern half of the route, that would get us home; that would be enough.
Desiree West

5 December 2018

It used to run to Tooting Bec tube station. Often used it for college in North London. Any long bus journey now involves a series of time consuming short hops, and standing around various busy bus stops. Very miserable experience.
Carey Davies

22 November 2018

The No 19 is an essential route. It is used by thousands of people regularly. If it is axed it will cause many people to have to change during their journeys onto other buses or underground which will be not only very inconvenient and more expensive for them but create more congestion and crowds on those routes.
Jessica Dickinson

17 November 2018

19 bus - An essential bus route for Battersea residents. Covers Kings Rd, Sloane Street, Knightsbridge, Piccadilly, Regents Street, Shaftesbury Avenue and further. A must for workers, shoppers and Theatre goers. Contact local MP marshadecordova and sign the petition.
Elizabeth Denton

17 November 2018

I make good use of 19 and lots of my friends do so as well. We are horrified that you want to abolish a fantastic bus which we have grown to love and rely upon. Me and my friends cannot see any justifiable reason why you can stop this much required and wanted service. I and my friends are totally against this planned idea. To withdraw the number 19 service is madness for local residents and council tax payers.
tom shannon

17 November 2018

Please keep root of Bus 19! It is vital for the Battersea area! It is a great connection to London West End and very much loved and appreciated by many Battersea residents!
marina popov

16 November 2018

I shouldn't think it would be too onerous to change buses once between Battersea and Holborn! The question is whether the other buses are overcrowded or whether there is capacity to absorb the extra passengers. The Mayor has a duty to limit the proliferation of half-empty buses and their impact on traffic congestion, which must be far more of an inconvenience to passengers than one change of bus. N.B. We're expecting passenger numbers to fall because we're leaving the EU.

16 November 2018

Please sign me up for Brightside
Alan Ritson

16 November 2018

Please sign me up for Brightside
Alan Ritson

16 November 2018

Please sign me up for Brightside
Alan Ritson

16 November 2018

It's a shame this post wasn't made before the TFL Consultation ended a week ago. However, the public can still sign this petition to save the No 19.
Rosalind Holness

16 November 2018

Totally AGREE.
Krishan Kapur

16 November 2018

I went to school on the Number 19 Bus, and it was also the most efficient and economical way to visit Kings Road, Stamford Bridge, Sloane Square, the West End and North London. The iconic Routemaster covering the best parts of North and South London and providing an alternative to Trains, Tubes and Cars has stood the test of time and should not be removed without proper study and alternate provisions. I will be contacting my network to petition the upkeep of this route, which has severed the community for many decades and should continue doing so for decades to come.
Courtney McLune

16 November 2018

Better late than never. MP's petition has been out for a month, people have been writing to TfL for weeks.
susan lofthouse

15 November 2018