Cross party group of MPs backs sprinklers plan

Published: Thursday 18th October 18

A cross-party group of MPs, tasked with improving fire safety in residential tower blocks, has given its backing to Wandsworth Council.

The local authority is currently planning to retro-fit sprinklers in a number of sheltered housing and temporary accommodation buildings, and also plans to do the same in 100 high rise residential blocks across the borough.

This is consistent with the advice being given by a host of industry experts including the London Fire Brigade.

In the letter to Cllr Kim Caddy, Cabinet Member for Housing, the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety & Rescue Group said that it fully supported Wandsworth’s plans.

The group’s Honorary Administrative Secretary wrote: “This is consistent with the views of the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety & Rescue Group and you have the Group’s support for this life saving initiative.”

Councillor Caddy said: “The All-Party group has examined this issue in great detail and to have their official support is a really positive endorsement of what we are doing.

“After the terrible events at Grenfell we made the move to install sprinklers in all our tower blocks of ten storeys or above so they were brought into line with current new build standards where sprinklers have been mandatory since 2007.

“This will improve fire safety in around 6,400 homes and was based on advice by professional bodies whose expertise is in this area.

“We will simply not allow a tragedy like Grenfell to happen in our borough and our decision to retrofit sprinklers is being made as a responsible landlord and freeholder whose first priority is the safety of its tenants. I am pleased that our decision has received official support from such an important body.”

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This group of MPs is an APPG - in effect an industrial lobby group, funded for example by the British Automated Sprinkler Association. Parliamentary rules say explicitly that the 500+ APPGs are not official parliamentary bodies and that every care must be taken to prevent the impression that they are Select Committees ( which are official bodies). It is quite shocking to imply that this group is in any way 'tasked' ( at least by parliament or government) with anything but representing its sponsors' interests. This is not to say that its views should be ignored but it should be portrayed for what it is - a 'workstream' of the industry.
Malcolm Grimston

19 October 2018

Great show of support at the First Tier Tribunal!! WBC needs to show that the sprinklers are “necessary” on a block by block basis based on full risk assessment. Join or support the Action Group opposing the councils plans for blanket installation. They clearly thought residents would just role over.

19 October 2018

It's fair enough to install sprinklers in tower blocks, but I understand the council plans to install sprinklers in sheltered housing that is a mere two storeys high! It's all very well for council tenants, who won't pay a penny more, but it's not so great for leaseholders, landed with enormous bills, nor for the general taxpayer.

19 October 2018

This is the Conservative party councillors crazy ideas, why they don't listen to Labour party councillors and residents which they are clearly against this monstrosity? Why they don't listen to the latest fire inspection which clearly stating that sprinklers not required on this concrete build blocks? Why are they comparing our blocks with Grenfell tower? If the stupid cladding wasn't there this lives would have been saved. So stop your stupid and crazy ideas because we don't need them, keep them to yourself because nobody will vote for you the next election.

19 October 2018

Now I’m not saying the council is being biased in what they’re sharing...but I don’t remember the protest about this being covered here!!

19 October 2018

Can't wait. The resident oiks will be letting them off for fun.

19 October 2018

I am very surprised that Wandsworth has posted this article as it hasn't yet consulted the residents and claimed at the First Tier Tribunal on Tuesday 16th October that it was going to wait for the outcome of the Grenfell inquiry. Why has the Council posted this?

18 October 2018