Locations shortlisted for Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge

Published: Wednesday 17th October 18

Three possible location options have been identified for a new bridge between Nine Elms and Pimlico.

The proposed pedestrian and cycle bridge is designed to meet the needs of a growing London for improved air quality and safe, sustainable transport methods.

Public exhibitions will be held on both sides of the River Thames in November as the consultation continues to find the best location for the Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge, one of London’s most exciting new infrastructure projects.

Possible locations of Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge

The proposed bridge will provide a safe, attractive route for pedestrians and cyclists in London to and from the Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea Opportunity Area, meeting requirements for improved air quality and sustainable transport options.

This rapidly growing new part of the capital will provide thousands of jobs and homes in a new town centre. The Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge will ensure a safe, attractive route across the river, providing healthier travel options for communities on both sides of the Thames.

Cllr Rory O’Broin, Wandsworth Council Cabinet member for Economic Development, Skills and Employment said: "The Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge has been identified by the draft London Plan as a crucial piece of infrastructure for our growing city.

"Londoners will benefit from direct cycling and walking to Nine Elms over a beautifully designed bridge that enables them to easily access the 25,000 new jobs, leisure attractions and green spaces that we are creating.

"We are excited to show people the three possible locations that have been shortlisted and look forward to receiving the comments of people from across the capital as we progress to a recommended location for this fantastic bridge."

Artist's impression of Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge

Public consultation

Following extensive consultation and technical work undertaken in 2017 the original nine possible locations have been reduced to three and the exhibition will enable local residents to give the project team their opinions ahead of a final, preferred location being recommended to Wandsworth Council in 2019.

The consultation events will be held on:

Saturday 3rd November 2018, 10am to 3pm
Park Court Clubroom, Battersea Park Road, Doddington Estate, Wandsworth, SW11 4LD

Wednesday 7th November 2018, 3pm to 8pm
St George’s Patmore Church, 11 Patmore Street, Wandsworth, SW8 4JD

Tuesday 6th November 2018, 3pm to 8pm
Bolney Meadow Community Centre, 31 Bolney Street, Lambeth, SW8 1EZ

Friday 9th November 2018, 3pm to 8pm
110 Rochester Row, City of Westminster, SW1P 1JP

Saturday 10th November, 10am to 3pm
Westminster Boating Base, 136 Grosvenor Road, City of Westminster, SW1V 3JY

Find out more about the proposed Nine Elms Pimlico Bridge and the consultation

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Recent comments

I would like to vote for the bridge in the middle which is closest to Embassy Gardens. Many thanks.
Yeshi Rana

15 November 2018

Please do not encroach and destroy the green space in Pimlico to build this bridge. We use the green spaces around Georges Square for picnics and dog walking. Please build it somewhere else and not take away forever what little greenery we have left.

13 November 2018

Great news about this bridge, designs look really smart and new walking/ cycling options are fantastic news as we try to make London a greener and better linked city. I have also read that the majority of funding will come from those private companies regenerating nine elms, so for the councils it would be a relatively cheap win. Lets hope some of the concerns on this page can be worth through at the meetings. Good luck with this exciting project!

5 November 2018

Great news about this bridge, designs look really smart and new walking/ cycling options are fantastic news as we try to make London a greener and better linked city. I have also read that the majority of funding will come from those private companies regenerating nine elms, so for the councils it would be a relatively cheap win. Lets hope some of the concerns on this page can be worth through at the meetings. Good luck with this exciting project!

5 November 2018

So the Battersea to Imperial Wharf bridge that has been struggling to get the funding to build for years is now ignored despite the huge benefit to the community in terms of transportation and jobs!!!

28 October 2018

I frequently walk between Wandsworth (you have my postcode) and Westminster and have often thought another pedestrian/cycle bridge would be a great idea. As far west as feasible would be my choice, but comment below about a pedestrian walk between Battersea and Imperial Wharf would tick all the boxes for me. (Thank you Jill Davies, for expressing so succinctly what I have long thought.)
Margaret Birch

24 October 2018

The new bridge is all very fine--but PLEASE, what is happening about the infinitely cheaper and easier plan to attach a pedestrian/ cycle way to the existing railway bridge between Battersea and Imperial wharf? We have been waiting for this ever since moving here three and a half years ago. There is a very long gap between the crossings at Wandsworth Bridge and Battersea Bridge: a pedestrian crossing on the railway bridge would achieve the same benefits you claim for the proposed new bridge at a much lower cost.
Jill Davies

22 October 2018

From Architects Journal 17 Oct The location of the new bridge is contentious, with the original proposals for the 920m-long crossing sparking a backlash from both design experts and local residents, particularly those in Westminster who were concerned about a landing site in Pimlico Gardens. As well as a petition against the competition and a wide-ranging community campaign, Labour and Conservative councillors on Westminster Council voiced cross-party opposition to the crossing. Shortly after being elected London mayor, Sadiq Khan insisted that the project, also backed by Transport for London (TfL), should not go ahead without ‘support from all’. No concensus, no bridge

21 October 2018

Before you waste any more Council funds how about getting Westminster's agreement. At present your vanity project has no landing point and surely there are better infrastructure projects to spend what will be public money. The Council says this is privately funded this is not the case the money comes from Community Infrastructure Levy funds. Tell the public the truth. When inevitably there is an overspend of 10's of millions of £'s who picks up the tap. Say no!

21 October 2018

Please.put me on your mailing list

21 October 2018

And meanwhile, the Estate where I live has not had communal decoration/repairs for over 25 years. Quite frankly, some parts look like a slum. But that's OK, because the Council can charge leaseholders for the Historic Neglect. I am not sure that cyclists cause much congestion. And after they get to the other side, do they re-absorb into the congestion from cars and lorries which is already there? And before people accuse me of cyclist bashing, I am from a family of cyclists.
susan lofthouse

20 October 2018

How does this impact on the long-awaited pedestrian/cycle bridge to run alongside the train bridge at Imperial Wharf? This may not be so glamorous but would probably benefit more people and be cheaper.

20 October 2018

A more sensible alternative proposal would be to reduce congestion by widening Battersea Bridge (as Kingston did some years ago) or strengthening Albert Bridge to allow normal traffic to use it once again (as is planned for Hammersmith Bridge). We need more road bridges for general traffic.
Paul Reardon

19 October 2018

A message to bridge designers: please design a covered bridge which will give protection from wind and rain whipping up from the Thames. And good lighting. It’s really grim using these bridges for about six months of the year. This is the UK, not Rio.

19 October 2018

I really like the design of the bridge. It looks beautiful. I can imagine it would fit in perfectly if viewed from Vauxhall Bridge.

19 October 2018

Yet another enormous waste of money when Councils are so strapped for cash they arenot able to provide basic services. How many Sure Start centres and youth clubs have been closed and police cut (and great rise in stabbings) but a new bridge from Battersea Power Station - venue of luxury flats and non tax paying companies - to, well, nowhere in particular. Priorities, priorities.
Carol Tibbs

19 October 2018

So does the proposed footbridge at Chelsea Harbour now get overlooked?

19 October 2018

I am astounded with the news that the bridge over the Thames is to be in Nime Elms! A few years ago, the 24 storey building on the riverside was given planning permission over all local objection - because Barrats were to build a footbridge over the Thames in compensation! Now, my flat is completely overshadowed by this oversized building and - NO BRIDGE has ever been built! Explanation olease
Mhairi Brown

19 October 2018

Brilliant . Some comments here are only interested using the new bridge as an excuse to slag off cyclists. It won’t be long before someone suggests that cyclists will have to pay extra for using the nhs , schooling or breathing. Oh and lots of cyclist use the path around the Wandsworth bridge roundabout and it hardly impacts on anyone anyway.

19 October 2018

Great ideas, all of them. We desperately need more pedestrian and cycle crossings to alleviate pressures on the existing crossings and separate cyclists and motorists I bit more. I am a cyclist, motorist (so I pay road tax!) and pedestrian and believe there is space for all of us on the roads, but more crossings in general are desperately needed in London and this part of London (in which I have lived for over 10 years).

19 October 2018

I really hope it happens; it will be a great connection route for people coming south of the river.

19 October 2018

More cycle routes that will never be used by cyclists - like the cycle way round Wandsworth Bridge Roundabout?? And the cyclists are going to pay to use this Bridge?

19 October 2018

Has the proposal for this cycle/footbridge from nine elms area to pimlico been approved by Westminster city council?
Lindsay Kirkby

17 October 2018