Council leader outlines case for second entrance at Putney Station to transport secretary

Published: Friday 12th October 18

Council leader Ravi Govindia yesterday (Thursday) repeated the case for a second entrance at Putney Station to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

In a face to face meeting at the station Cllr Govindia told the minister that a new entrance could ease overcrowding on platforms at Putney and shorten journey times for thousands of local residents who use the station each day.

The council has been leading a long-running campaign to open a second station entrance at Putney. This would lead directly onto the platforms via a footbridge from Oxford Road.

The council has consistently offered to help fund a new footbridge which would offer people living in East Putney vastly improved access to the station, shorten overall journey times and ease overcrowding at the single existing entrance in Putney High Street.

It would also improve the interchange with tube passengers using District Line services at East Putney Station.

The council conducted a feasibility study in 2014 to see where a new entrance could be provided, how much it might cost and where other funding could come from. The council has repeatedly indicated its willingness to provide money from the Community Infrastructure Levy fund (CIL) which requires developers to pay a financial contribution towards local infrastructure improvements.

Councillor Govindia said: “It was good to meet the minister face to face and put the case to him direct.

“I told him that there is an absolutely compelling argument to open a second entrance at the eastern end of the platforms.

“It would provide a shorter and much more convenient route into the station for residents who live in East Putney, reduce overcrowding at the main entrance and help to ensure that all spare capacity throughout the train is used as people are spread more evenly along the platform.

“It would also widen the transport options available to local people as it would drastically reduce walking time to East Putney station and destinations to the north and south served by the District Line.

“You only have to look at the positive effect a second entrance has made to the daily lives of thousands of people who use the new Brighton Yard entrance at Clapham Junction.

“The minister listened very carefully and asked for some more information which we will be happy to share with him. The meeting has left me more optimistic and more confident that there could be some long-awaited light at the end of the tunnel.

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Recent comments

I hope there will be a second LIFT - or two - and I hope it will be kept in working order.

13 October 2018

Definitely need a second entrance/exit to Putney, the station is overcrowded and at peak times its impossible to get to the platform as the stairway is choka with the amount of people getting off the trains. There is also a huge amount of new flats in the area with more people moving into the area and using Putney Station. Please push this through it will definitely be an improvement and help with station congestion.

12 October 2018

When the main entrance was being renovated, a work service entrance and ramp was created coming in from Oxford road side. It came down directly to platform 4. A similar route could be built relatively easily from Oxford, onto a overhead bridge that would lead down to each of the platforms. Given this would be a new build, lifts could be incorporated for disabled people as well.
Richard Lo

12 October 2018