Neighbourhood improvements well in hand at popular shopping parade

Published: Tuesday 9th October 18

Work is now well underway delivering a series of environmental improvements in and around Wandsworth Common’s popular Bellevue Road shopping parade.

Council staff are now busy implementing a £440,000 programme of streetscape improvements designed to make the area more attractive not only for local residents but to also encourage more shoppers to visit local businesses that front this popular parade of shops, bars and restaurants.

Smart new pavements being laid

The works include the introduction of new high quality York stone pavements, new street trees, more cycle parking, better street lighting, additional pedestrian safety measures, improved anti-theft security for motorcycles  and the removal of redundant street furniture.

The programme of works was drawn up following a detailed public consultation earlier this year, and are now being implemented along the stretch of Bellevue Road between Trinity Road and St James’s Drive. 

“I’m delighted that this project is making such good progress,” transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said.

“The changes will make a real difference to the look and feel of Bellevue Road, making it much more attractive for residents, shoppers and visitors.” 

Funding for the scheme has been raised via a levy on housing developers in the area to pay for improvements that benefit the wider community. 

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Recent comments

But missing the most important thing, a cycle lane. What a massive amount of money to spend, really ??

13 October 2018

It's a Pity that the wealthy ones on Bellvue, get even more Council Tax Payers funds When social care services are continually being cut back. Plus the paving along Garratt Lane from Atheldene Road along by the very busy bus stop and the whole terrace is in a dangerous condition. Henry Prince and other North Earlsfield residents don't count.
Christine Morris

12 October 2018

What a complete waste of money for zero benefit. All we get is disruption and a loss of 15-20 scarce parking spaces at any given time. My wife has already picked up one parking ticket, having left two inches of car tyre on the kerb trying to squeeze into a tiny gap between two cars. Presumably this is all part of a coordinated plan.
Concrete Phil

12 October 2018

I take it this means more inconvenience to the hard working motorists - and why more parking for cyclists - how much shopping can they legally carry on a bike - can remember in my cycling days (pre pot holes - over population) having to walk and push when I had too much shopping. Area only useful for those within walking distance anyway - in the whole of my 36 years living in Wandsworth have never wanted to shop there. Once visited a restaurant when a friend owned it - .
Liz D

10 October 2018