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Published: Friday 5th October 18

Find out more about Neighbourhood Watch and how you can get involved in helping to keep Wandsworth safe at the Safer Neighbourhood Board public meeting next week.

The Safer Neighbourhood Board (SNB) holds the borough’s police commander and the Community Safety Partnership to account. It meets regularly, and invites the public to take part once a year. This will be the last meeting led by its outgoing chairman, Cllr Jonathan Cook.

It ensures crime reduction targets are being met and influences future community safety priorities and activities in the borough. It is also a crucial forum to ensure the borough’s residents can influence how crime is dealt with in their community.

Members include senior councillors and police officers, and organisations including Victim Support, local ward panels and the Borough Housing Forum.

Next week’s meeting at the town hall will focus on Neighbourhood Watch and how to get more people involved. Participants will also be invited to take part in group exercises to explore the role of neighbourhood watch co-ordinators and how local residents can get involved in tackling issues in their area such as moped crime and burglary.

The council’s community safety spokesman Cllr Guy Senior said: “This annual meeting is a chance to have your say about crime and policing in Wandsworth, and for the council and police to get valuable feedback from residents. We are especially keen to see people of all ages and from all over the borough, and from the borough’s many fantastic  neighbourhood watch co-ordinators.

“Wandsworth has the lowest crime rate in inner London, but we know it is important not to be complacent.  We know there are still crime issues in the borough and will continue to work  with the police to bring in crime-prevention measures, including upcoming work on motorcycle and vehicle theft.  Our Neighbourhood Watch network will play a vital role in that.“

Come along to the council chamber, Wandsworth Town Hall on October 10 at 6.30pm.

Find out more about the Safer Neighbourhood Board at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/SNB

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I would like to see the police do more to tackle the growing problem of vehicles waiting inside of pedestrian crossings, instead of behind them, during times of traffic congestion. When the traffic lights turn red, pedestrians find there is little or no space between the cars, so it is very difficult to cross the road. I have seen cars deliberately drive into the pedestrian crossing as soon as the light turns amber, sometimes even driving up beside another vehicle in a single lane of traffic! We need to remember that there are disabled people who cannot see or navigate narrow spaces between vehicles. There is also the ongoing problem of cyclists pedalling through red lights and increasingly using the pavement to cycle around them.

6 October 2018