Consultation on lorry ban plan across Magdalen Estate

Published: Thursday 4th October 18

Residents in nearly 40 streets in parts of Earlsfield and Wandsworth Common are being asked their views on proposals for a lorry ban in their neighbourhoods.

The council’s highway engineers have drawn up plans that would see lorries weighing more than 7.5 tonnes barred from entering a swathe of quiet residential streets in an area of the borough known as the Magdalen Road estate.

If approved the ban would prevent HGVs using streets bounded by Magdalen Road, Trinity Road, Burntwood Lane and Garratt Lane as a cut through.

The proposed lorry ban area

The action is being proposed following complaints from some local residents about the number of lorries trundling down their street. As well as expressing safety concerns some residents have complained about parked cars being damaged by passing lorries.

As a result, the council consulted local people earlier this year and in the light of the feedback received the zone was extended further to the south west to “establish a comprehensive traffic solution” that would stop neighbouring streets suffering an influx of displaced lorries.

The proposed ban would not apply to refuse trucks, firefighting vehicles or to bona-fide deliveries by lorries to homes in the area.

Every household in the zone has now received a letter outlining the proposal and inviting people to take part in the consultation, which runs until October 28.

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “It’s important that local people take part and tell us what they think so that we can act accordingly.

“Our view is that a lorry ban in these neighbourhoods is the right way forward but it’s important that local people have their say.”

To take part in the consultation visit

For further information or to obtai9n a paper copy of the survey questionnaire please email

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Recent comments

I would like to a tighter restiction on skip lorries using Earlsfield Road as they use this road as a RACE TRACK ignoring the bumps.
john kimber

6 October 2018

I think that is a really good idea. Lorries zooming down the roads in what is almost purely residential area should not be a common occurence! However, as a resident of already busy, noisy Earlsfield Road, this also makes me worried about all the lorries possibly coming down my road after this ban takes effect. Earlsfield road is another example of a residential area with next to none commercial presence, yet the road is constantly busy, and I think we all are only grateful for the many road humps, as they do not allow the passing vehicles go above speed limit. But living between train tracks and a like of a main road, we all are pretty used to shaking houses already, no need for more lorries!
Annie Shaw

5 October 2018