Councillors set to approve series of measures to revitalise Battersea High Street

Published: Tuesday 18th September 18

Councillors are set to green light a series of environmental improvements designed to revitalise and smarten up the area around Battersea High Street.

Tonight’s meeting (Tuesday) of the strategic planning and transportation committee is expected to approve plans for a £900,000 facelift for the high street following an overwhelming response from local people to a public consultation earlier this year.

In total 84 per cent of those who took part in the consultation were in favour of measures drawn up to improve the southern section of Battersea High Street between its junctions with Battersea Park Road and Simpson Street. Only nine per cent were opposed.

These environmental improvements were outlined in response to requests from local residents and businesses who wanted the high street improved and better facilities introduced for its small street market and also for pedestrians and cyclists.

Under the plans, which have been slightly revised to take account of feedback raised during the consultation, the high street will remain essentially vehicle free but with better paving, less street furniture, the creation of two small “pocket” green spaces and the planting of around a dozen new trees.

Parking provision will be retained for existing businesses but relocated to provide improved space for pedestrians and cyclists while additional bike stands will also be installed near shops.

The total cost of the scheme is £900,000. Councillors will be asked at their meeting tomorrow night to commit £575,000 from council budgets towards the scheme with the remainder coming from transport grants awarded to each London borough by Transport for London. TfL will need to formally confirm that it approves using £325,000 of its grant to Wandsworth for this scheme.

Highways and transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We believe this scheme will make a big difference to the appearance and atmosphere of the high street, make it safer and more attractive for pedestrians and cyclists and much more pleasant for people who live and work in this part of Battersea.”

And Cllr Rory O’Broin, Wandsworth’s cabinet member for economic development, skills and employment added: “Local businesses have been calling for the high street to get a facelift and we’ve listened to what they’ve told us and drawn up a comprehensive list of improvements that will make the area a much more welcoming place for shoppers and visitors.

“This scheme will improve the look and feel of the high street and support its economic growth and activity.”

If approved, work is likely to begin in the Spring.

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Recent comments

Thank you - the upgrading of the High Street is most welcome. It would help hugely for the look of the Street if all the "To Let" and "For Sale" signs were banned as is planned elsewhere in the Borough. In today's world, most people find their properties online - so no need for the hideous estate agent boards which are left for months and months - or totally forgotten. The same comments go for Battersea Park Road.
Sue Austin

24 September 2018

As an elderly person whose mobility has been reduced by a recent accident, I appreciate the planned inclusion of benches placed strategically.
Ira Levin

21 September 2018

AKA gentrification of the High Street. What exactly was wrong with it before? And who apart from estate agents and property developers was complaining about it? Unless there was a better reason than 'facelift' I think local authorities would be better off holding fire on £900k discretionary spends like this - at least until the dark clouds of Brexit have lifted.
S Jones

21 September 2018

A good and overdue initiative. Now how about tackling the 2-mile long Battersea Park Road which remains a bit of a dump, particularly the section near the Chelsea Bridge roundabout (lots of dodgy take-aways, holes-in-the-wall shops that look closed/abandoned, tons of ugly signage, fly-tipping, litter, warn out road-signs, never-ending traffic etc...).
olivier desbarres

21 September 2018

Good to see more space for walking and cycling, and more trees which creates for a more relaxed street. Now the task is the join this up. As it is, at the south end of Battersea High St pedestrians meet a six lane junction and are then pushed onto a pavement down Falcon Road that only has space for one buggy, which pushing people off the pavemtn into the road. That needs much wider pavements so people can walk freely to Clapham Junction. It's daft that cars get all the space when most people on that road are pedestrians.
Thomas Corbett

20 September 2018

What good is - putting this item today Wednesday - when the meeting was held last night? Would have been nice to be able to attend.

19 September 2018

Not before time. Would be good to get rid of most of the skanky shops in the High Street. An even better idea to open up the road so that drivers can drive all the way down Battersea High Street from Vicarage Crescent to Battersea Park Road. What to be done about HGVs finding their way down the one way Vicarage Crescent when they find they can't get under the Cremorne (Wandsworth Railway) Bridge - and then can't turn right at the end - having to reverse all the way back. What good are trees/ - all our pavements are unsafe where the roots of trees break pavement surfaces and cleaners spend all year sweeping up leaves.

19 September 2018

Get rid of the dreadful, and useless Estate Agent Boards, and expand the ban to the whole council.

18 September 2018