Fast food owner loses late night licence after vicious assault on food inspector

Published: Friday 14th September 18

The owner of a fast food takeaway in Tooting may face prosecution and has now lost his licence to serve food late at night after councillors were told he racially abused and then assaulted a food safety inspector.

A hearing of Wandsworth Council’s licensing sub-committee was told that Ahmet Ali who runs Ali Baba Kebabs in Trinity Road had repeatedly subjected a warranted council officer to racial abuse before punching him in the face.

The sudden blow caused bleeding to the officer’s mouth and broke the glasses he was wearing.

As a result Mr Ali has had his licence to remain open into the early hours of the morning revoked.

Councillors heard that council staff were carrying out a food safety inspection of the takeaway in May of this year.

The kebab shop has a poor record on hygiene standards and unsatisfactory compliance with food safety regulations. 

During their inspection the officers found that the business still posed a risk to public health. The premises were filthy with evidence of cockroach activity. The electricity supply to the food preparation area at the rear of the restaurant was faulty and an employee was found working in almost complete darkness.

The conditions were so severe that the officers began gathering evidence to determine whether to close the business so that repairs could be carried out, the cockroaches dealt with and the whole premises cleaned.

While one officer was taking photographs, Mr Ali began to repeatedly shout racial abuse at the second officer. A few moments later he punched the officer in the face before fleeing the scene.

The chairman of the licensing sub-committee Cllr Guy Humphries said: “Based on the evidence placed before us, we have revoked the licence for  this premises preventing it from offering late night refreshments. There are very clear and well-founded concerns about the licence holder’s suitability to run a late night establishment of this type.

“We heard evidence that this was disgraceful unprovoked attack on a public servant who was merely doing his job and whose only concern was to make sure that local people do not end up getting poisoned or suffering ill-effects from the food sold by this establishment.

“The assault allegation is being investigated by the police and we would certainly urge the prosecuting authorities to take the appropriate action against him.

“We would certainly hope that if there is a prosecution and conviction in this case that the courts treat this incident with the seriousness it deserves.”

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Recent comments

So why are the authorities still not aware of this guy now operating the same business under the name of 'Amal - Lebanese Grill' just two doors away from his previous shop (which he has closed down)??? It appears that he has just shifted his old business into this place which was trading as Amal before but seem to have shut down. The state of this guy's business is appalling and a huge health risk to anyone who visits. There should be a long-term ban on such tradesmen.
P Maskey

4 February 2019

Absolutley schocking behaviour , which needs to be dealt with properly by the authorities. I know for a fact that Ahmet the owner is a selfish man who provokes violence and is extremely uncaring. The conditions in the shop is absolutley disgusting. Anyone who has been living in tooting for long will know this guys bad history with the police and health safety. They should not be allowed to continue.
Alex Markus

29 September 2018

About a year ago I was cycling through Tooting and was pleasantly surprised to see a kebab shop open at like 0400hrs, I looked my bike up and approached the shop, as I did so I watched in horror as Mr Ali deliberately and willfully place his head near the kebab on the spit and sneezed twice onto it that spat a thick healthy wad of phlegm onto the meet itself. I was too angry to confront him. I then tried to report it to the council but they were so inept...I just left. I don't know why Mr Ali behaves like this but I fear he is going to kill.
Roy Carr

22 September 2018

The same establishment run by Ahmet Ali was raided by Police in 2005 in connection with the underground bombings that year and a fight ensued between the kebab shop workers and the police. Yet 13 years on and they are still serving up vile slop and fighting with authorities. He attends the same mosque as Sadiq Khan which is why the police and CPS haven't charged him with a hate crime and assault for this recent attack on a council worker.
Prophet Jambon

15 September 2018

Its amazing how local authorities always put a negative spin on anything and side with their staff. We dont see the accused statement on this matter. Looks like the council officer was racist and abusive towards the proprietor for all we know. To my knowledge, Ali Baba kebabs are the best in South London and have awards to prove it. I wonder what the councils real hidden agenda is?
Mrs Dearden

15 September 2018

Sorry to hear about the food safety inspector. As Ali Baba Kebabs in Trinity Road has a poor hygiene record - I suggest folk give the place a miss - (I taught the basic food hygiene in a South London College for some years) for their own safety. How many food Inspectors were there - there must have been some record of bad behaviour to send 2 - in all my years in the trade + teaching only one inspector usually turned up. Close the place permanently.
Liz D

14 September 2018

Hate crime has no place in the borough. Deport him once he has served his time in jail for this racially aggravated assault.
Jamie Del Toro

14 September 2018

This establishment needs to be closed full stop, if the owner thinks these conditions are appropriate to prepare food and his actions are appropriate for someone dealing with members of the public.

14 September 2018

No danger of me ever visiting that tatty establishment, but I'm surprised at the apparent leniency of the punishment by the Council. Cockroaches don't keep to late night hours and are a risk to health at any hour of the day or night.
Nigel Algar

14 September 2018

Certainly an eatery which I shall not visit so thank you for the picture. I am surprised the assailant has been allowed to retain his licence. Council Officers are merely doing the jobs for which they are paid for and for which the community is grateful.

14 September 2018