First Tier Property Tribunal – information for council leaseholders re sprinklers in tower blocks

Published: Tuesday 11th September 18

The council has been directed to publish the following email from the Judge of the Tribunal:

Subject: 99 High Rise Blocks within London Borough of Wandsworth, London.


Dear sirs,

Thank you for your email received earlier today, 10 September 2018. I have been asked by Judge Powell to reply as follows and, once again, he has asked that you place a copy of this letter on your website, so that leaseholders will be aware of the matters raised.

The tribunal is grateful for the offer to use the council’s Civic Suite for the case management hearing, given the very high level of interest in the application.

As the Suite is not available on 27 September 2018, a change of date for the case management hearing would appear to be necessary.  However, to give leaseholders sufficient notice of the change, the tribunal considers that it would be better to rearrange it for one morning in the week commencing Monday, 15 October 2018.  Not only would that give leaseholders time to make fresh arrangements (including perhaps organising representation), but it would also give the tribunal further time to produce draft directions and explanations to leaseholders about the procedural nature of the hearing.  In this way, it is hoped that the case management hearing will be more productive and will result in a more streamlined process leading to a final hearing. 

I would be grateful, therefore, if you could let me know if the Civic Suite is available on any morning in the week commencing Monday, 15 October 2018, preferably towards the beginning of that week to avoid clashing with the school half-term that starts the following week.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Monday Ibude
Case Officer
First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) Residential Property | HMCTS | 10 Alfred Place, | London | WC1E 7LR
Tel: 020 7446 7748  |  Fax: 01264 785 060

The following rules are designed to minimise the impact that emails can have on the efficient running of the tribunal office. If you wish to use emails please:

  • Prepare a letter to the tribunal in Word format and attach it to the email (maximum of 5 pages including fax - longer documents should be sent by post);
  • As case officers are sometimes absent, always send or copy the email to the generic office address:,
  • Always copy any email to the other parties, either by email or by post, and confirm in your email/ letter that you have done this;
  • Always quote the reference number, property details and case officer’s name in the email;
  • Email chains, email ‘conversations’ about the case and bundles attached to emails will not be accepted.

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