Young people can enjoy newly revamped Wandsworth Common ball games area

Published: Thursday 6th September 18

Teenagers and young people can let off plenty of steam and stay fit at an upgraded ball games area on Wandsworth Common.

The popular ball games area next to Chivalry Road has benefited from a £130,000 upgrade thanks to the Wandsworth Local Fund (WLF).

As well as a new playing surface, fencing and renewed sports equipment, the floodlighting has also been improved allowing the facility to be used after dusk 

Wandsworth’s cabinet member for community services Cllr Steffi Sutters said: “This revamped sports facility will offer residents in the area, especially young people, a great place to have fun with their friends, keep fit and let off steam after school.

“The new playing surface is a vast improvement on the previous one and the improved floodlights mean it can be used much more widely all year round.”

The revamp has been managed on behalf of the council by its leisure and culture contractor Enable Leisure and Culture. 

The WLF is funded via a charge levied by the council on developers to help pay for community and neighbourhood infrastructure improvements in the borough.

Over the past three years more than £7.2m in WLF money has been spent on local improvement initiatives including schemes to support safer communities, employment opportunities for young people, better pavements and improved playgrounds.

The schemes chosen for funding are normally suggested by local residents who are encouraged to bring their ideas to their local ward councillors so they can be properly considered. Funding is only approved for schemes that meet criteria based on the priorities set by local people.

The last borough-wide consultation to set these priorities was held in 2014, and local people chose green spaces, facilities for cyclists, better roads and pavements and community safety. Another consultation was recently held, which is now being evaluated, to update priorities for the next four years.

Other WLF-funded schemes include Christmas lights in town centres, new LED street lights, a major road and pavement resurfacing programme, repainting and pigeon-proofing Earlsfield Station railway bridge, refurbishing Putney Vale Cemetery and the Quest project providing intensive support to get young people into work.

Several public realm improvements will be carried out to smarten up shopping streets, including, Putney High Street, Bedford Hill and Bellevue Road.

And several playgrounds have or will be revamped, including Upper Tooting Park, Godley Gardens, Swaby Gardens, Leaders Gardens, King George’s Park and Battersea Park.

A new guide has been published offering local people advice on how they can nominate community schemes for funding. It’s available at all local libraries or can be read online at

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So the council promotes having more affordable houses, but makes then more expensive as it makes the developers pay this additional tax (which has to be added to then selling price of the properties as the developer needs to make their normal profit). Don’t be sucked in people to this PR

7 September 2018