Work now underway to deliver new look Earlsfield railway bridges

Published: Friday 31st August 18

Work has now begun on a scheme to give Earlsfield Station’s two railway bridges a much-needed facelift.

Contractors working for Network Rail began cleaning the bridges earlier this week ahead of both being repainted in an attractive heritage-style railway green colour.

And at the council’s request, both bridges will also have the name of the station printed prominently on them to recreate their original Victorian-era appearance. New netting will also be also installed underneath them to improve pigeon proofing.

How the bridges originally looked

The council had been pressing Network Rail to undertake this work for some time arguing that refurbished and smarter looking bridges would help improve the street scene in this part of Earlsfield.

And in order to get the project off the ground the council is providing £100,000 towards the overall cost of the scheme.

Wandsworth’s transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “This is really welcome news. The council has been pressing for this work to be done for some time so we are delighted work is now underway.

“The cleaned and repainted bridges will make a great contribution to the appearance of the station and to this part of Garratt Lane, while the improved pigeon proofing will mean pedestrians and cyclists not having to run the gauntlet of being hit by something unpleasant from up above as they pass underneath.

“The entire project should take about four weeks to complete so this is a reasonably big-scale project that will give the area a real boost.”

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Recent comments

After watching the painting of the railway bridge in Earlsfield....How disappointing. Looks quite amateurish. Plain white, block letters on background. Original colours were better in the early photo. AND what happened to the underneath. Still as tatty as ever, does not seem to have been painted with dirty weatherstained walls. Did the council not think to use some of their billions from reserves.
Ann Johnston

16 January 2019

That's all very well, but there'll still be empty fried chicken boxes strewn over the road every day now that the schools are back in.
Michael Thomas

3 September 2018

Meanwhile the pigeon faeces remain. WBC's street cleaners don't seem to have its removal on any schedule. Hopefully the mess won't be entirely ignored during the "about 4 weeks" of work. Sadly this site doesn't offer people a chance to add photographs to provide evidence when things need attention, and WBC isn't a fan of "Fix My Street".
Celia Blair

2 September 2018

Don't expect Wandsworth Council to do anything sensible,they couldn't run a bath!Our business has been in existence since 1860 in Tooting and I doubt my predecessors saw things as bad as they are now,Parking,Potholes,Paving,Litter,Flytipping and filth everywhere,I despair!!Anyway as long as their pension pots are getting topped up,that's the main thing,I rest my case!
Paul Taborn

1 September 2018


31 August 2018

What are you stupid people wasting our money on. The bridges you should be worrying about are those carrying HGVs over. I don't want to be on a bus going over Battersea Bridge - which collapses because the vehicles using it are not the weight of those the bridge was originally built for.

31 August 2018

A disgrace that Wandsworth Council is funding core Network Rail infrastructure, whilst roads and pavements go unrepaired. In Southfields, the Grid streets of Heythorpe and Elsenham need resurfacing as do large sections of paving. WBC sort out your priorities. Frankly, this is not the first time and nor will it be the last as WBC contributed to the station improvements (booking hall) some years earlier.
Kaleem Mirza

31 August 2018

It is beyond believe that Wandsworth Council are giving Network Rail £100,000 of ratepayers money to part fund a scheme that is solely Network Rail's responsibility.This money could have been used for social services, repairing pot holes, replacing damaged paving or many other neglected issues in the borough.
Patricj Hickey

31 August 2018

Why are the East Putney station bridges not being revamped as well? CIL money collected from the significant number of high rise development on the URR was to improve the area including the station approach. What has happened to the money intended to improve the local infrastructure including the awful and derelict looking bridges and the station approach as a whole?
Patricia Poulter

31 August 2018

Desirable as renovation may be, it is for appearance only, not for safety. This 'cash strapped' Council would better spend on actually improving pavements rather than just making promises. I have tripped on Tooting pavements more than once and have been pressing for these improvements for many years now and nothing has happened. I believe that other elderly and/or disabled residents remain at risk. There may well be plans for pavement improvements now but, just like the pothole repairs, the longer it is put off, the more expensive it becomes.
Tom Leeks

31 August 2018