GCSE success for Wandsworth students

Published: Friday 24th August 18

Students in Wandsworth are celebrating another bumper set of GCSE results this year.

Wahbi and Mohammad, seen here with other high achievers at Southfields Academy, both received a clean sweep of 9s. Seventy per cent of Southfields students achieved grade 4 and above in English and Maths.

Provisional results show that overall 74 per cent of students achieved grades 9-4 in English and Maths, up two per cent from last year. Under the new scoring system, a 4 is roughly the equivalent of a C. Grade 9 is higher than the old A*.

In English, Wandsworth schools improved by two percent on last year in grades 9-4, with Chestnut Grove, Saint John Bosco and Southfields making significant gains. Maths results also increased by two per cent, with significant gains at Southfields, Graveney, Ernest Bevin and Burntwood.

‘Attainment 8’ calculates an average grade for each school based on their achievement in English and maths and 6 other subjects from a list of approved qualifications. Overall in Wandsworth this figure increased by 1.3 points this year to 51.9. Six schools did particularly well on the measure, most notably Ark Bolingbroke, Burntwood and Ark Putney.

Ernest Bevin College saw a big rise in the number of students achieving the higher grades of 7-9. In computer Science 82 per cent of students achieved grade 7 or higher and in Physics it was 63 per cent.

‘Progress 8’ measures how well pupils have done compared to their primary school performance. These figures are subject to change as the national picture emerges, but all seven schools providing Progress 8 figures had a positive score, meaning their pupils did better than pupils with the same starting point did nationally.

The council’s education spokesman Councillor Sarah McDermott said;

“This year’s GCSE candidates had the additional burden of being the first to take the new-style exams, but they performed with aplomb and I’d like to congratulate all of them and wish them well for their futures.

“I’d also like to thank the staff at all our schools, as well as parents and carers,  who I know worked even harder than usual to prepare students and who helped and encouraged them to succeed.”

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