Times running out to apply for a council grant

Published: Wednesday 15th August 18

The deadline to apply to round nine of the Wandsworth grant Fund is August 20.

In total £319,500 has been earmarked by the council in the 2018/19 financial year to give out in various waves of the Wandsworth Grant Fund.

The fund supports a wide range of not-for-profit activities in the following categories:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Environment and Attractive Neighbourhoods
  • Children and Young People
  • Citizenship and Civic Engagement
  • Raising Aspirations and Potential
  • Health and Well being

Projects that received funding in round eight of the scheme included projects to help older and vulnerable people get online, strengthen communities, support new parents and help children reach their potential. Read more.

Last year's Tooting Community Funday. This year's event is WGF-funded and will be in Broadwater Road on September 22 from noon to 5pm

Evaluation and assessment is done by specialist council offers and councillors scrutinise the process to ensure value for money and that money is going where it will most benefit borough residents.

If you miss this deadline, the deadline to apply to the following round is December 17. 

To find out more:

•           Visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/wgf

•           Email wgf@wandsworth.gov.uk

•           Follow @grantswandb on twitter

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