Road safety boost near two primary schools

Published: Wednesday 1st August 18

The council has unveiled plans to improve pedestrian safety on the approaches to two popular primary schools in Earlsfield.

Work is set to begin shortly to install a new zebra crossing outside Beatrix Potter primary school in Magdalen Road close to the junction with Openview.

The new zebra crossing will be constructed on top of an existing ‘raised table’ which is designed to reduce vehicle speeds, improve pedestrian access and deter illegal parking.

Raised tables increase visibility for both pedestrians and drivers and also provide step free crossing points for parents with buggies and wheelchair users.

Changes will also be made to the layout of an existing zebra crossing near Tranmere Road, which is well used by parents and children at Earlsfield School. The changes would improve sight lines for drivers and cyclists as they approach the crossing.

The upgrades, which will cost around £22,000 are being made following requests from residents in both Wandsworth Common and Earlsfield wards who want safer crossing facilities for pedestrians in Magdalen Road.

The changes have also been discussed with senior officials at Transport for London, who have been consulted because Magdalen Road forms part of TfL’s Quietway 4 – which aims to give cyclists a quieter and safer journey between Clapham Common and Wimbledon.

To further enhance road safety across Wandsworth, a borough-wide 20mph was introduced in all quieter residential streets last summer.  

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “These measures are designed to make it safer for the children and parents who attend these two primary schools, especially as many walk to and from school each day. Local residents and cyclists will also benefit too from better road safety and slower vehicle speeds in this neighbourhood.”

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Recent comments

There is also another School in this vicinity, that hasn’t been mentioned: The Chelsea Group of Children in Waynflete Street. The traffic use this road as a rat run to avoid the traffic lights at the bottom of Magdalen Road. I hope the traffic calming you are introducing for the other two schools helps this school.
Barbara White

6 August 2018

Thank you for this information. For many years I took my grandchildren to Beatrix Potter school and attempted to cross the road while huge lorries hurtled up and down it. It is to be hoped that it will be in place for the start of the new term?
Gill Thumwood

3 August 2018

Perhaps more attention should be made as to when and where pedestrians decide to cross roads. See pedestrians leaving Sainburys at the bottom of Magdalen Road and just stepping out without looking to see if any traffic is there - and the official crossing is less than a minute away from Sainsburys. Pedestrians crossing roads without due care and attention should be fined. I have been asking for a pedestrian refuge in the middle of Vicarage Crescent - between the bus stops for years to no avail - I now get off the bus one stop early - where I have the use of a pedestrian refuge and a a traffic light crossing to enable me to cross a busy road.

2 August 2018

this is great, can i ask why st annes CofE primary school cannot get any joy from the council? the school is 160 years old and built 100 feet from the wandsworth one way system. there are lights into the one way system 100 feet from the school gates, its great seeing all the 4x4s and big mercs rom the backroads race past the school to catch the lights. then the rat runners who fly past too. yet when we asked about safer roads the council says it not needed. so when a kid gets killed will be needed then? alfarthing and swaffield have crossing patrols. what did you tell us? if you want crossing patrols find a volunteer! its a jk. there will be a major accident here mark my words, ive seen several minor accident in ten years.
Gary Hatton

2 August 2018

All the justifications laid out in the article above apply equally to Floreat Wandsworth on Garratt Lane, possibly even more so given the speed of traffic passing the school. Despite representation being made to the council there remains a discrepancy which has yet to be explained.
Nick B-H

1 August 2018

Floreat Wandsworth was built directly on the A217 - a major road with bus routes etc. Why is there not even an island like the one just after Kimber/Swaffield junction at Furmage Street/Aslett Street? The timing of the green man at the Garratt Lane junction is only for the nimblest pedestrians.
Celia Blair

1 August 2018

If this can be put in place for Magdalen Road (rightly so), then it is surely time for the Council to listen to concerns regarding Garratt Lane and Floreat Wandsworth!
Mills Brough

1 August 2018

what about near Floreat Wandsworth school? we need this too!
Harriet Wallace

1 August 2018