Lambeth consults over Winterville plan on Clapham Common

Published: Tuesday 31st July 18

Residents living near Clapham Common have the chance to comment on a planning application to Lambeth Council over proposals to stage a large scale event on the common in the run up to Christmas.

Lambeth will shortly consider an application for an event called ‘Winterville’ which would run from November 15 to December 23.

How the proposed food outlet may look

‘Winterville’ would be sited on the north east side of the common and occupy a space amounting to more than nine acres.

It would feature an ice rink, roller disco, cinema, indoor miniature golf, entertainment tents, fairground rides, bars, catering and market stalls, production cabins, lighting and associated structures including perimeter fencing and vehicular servicing.

It would cater for up to 5,000 visitors at any one time and the applicants are seeking permission to operate the entertainments and attractions between 3pm and 10pm during the week and from 10am to 11pm at weekends.

The application is set to be determined by councillors in Lambeth on September 4. Lambeth Council manages the whole of Clapham Common, even though more than half of it is geographically located in the borough of Wandsworth

For more information about the application and to submit views visit and key in reference number 18/02758.

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Recent comments

I object to this proposal. It is too large, too noisy and goes on for far too long. For all of us who use the common as a peaceful, green space, it has a severe impact. If permission is granted, and I hope it isn't, the size and duration should be scaled back. Certainly it shoudn't start until December

24 August 2018

Big events like these will always cause some damage to the park. They can only limit the damage and have contingencies that avoid extending the impact. I get it! I like comments here that say parks should be kept natural for all those to enjoy, but what about the cost of looking after them and keeping them at a high standard for the public? With Education, Social Care, etc. being well ahead of grounds maintenance in terms of priorities for councils, with shrinking budgets, these large events income help look after parks in the long run with some form of sustainability. It's the reality of avoiding parks being turned into concrete jungles when the money runs out and parks have to be sold. That won't be any good for future generations!

14 August 2018

After the last Christmas event, the common was in a terrible state. The ground took months to recover. (This summer won't have done it any good either and it will still be recovering by the time the next event happens.) The fair covers too much land, for far too long, preventing the use of the common for which it is intended.
Georgina Shaw

7 August 2018

I totally loved Winterville last year it was brill and it brought such a magical, festive feel to Clapham Common. It was so varied and there was something for all ages to do, it's one of the best events that has come to Clapham Common by far and my kids loved it too. I went there 5 times, looking forward to going again this year as we enjoyed all aspects of it, shame it couldn't go onto Jan 2nd as it is much better than Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.
Claudette Birmingham

6 August 2018

Loved Winterville last year and a very positive addition to the area which should be encouraged. (you could do more though to repair the area afterwards)

6 August 2018

Hi, There are too many events in the common as it is. The common is over used and needs a chance to recover over Christmas
Declan Murphy

6 August 2018

This event takes up too much of the common and goes on for too long.
duncan lee

5 August 2018

I object to this proposal, to stage a large event on what is common ground, infringes the welfare of the local residents, whose homes are very close, it is evident that when one event has been allowed to take place, it is not long before we are asked for views of another proposed event, take your noisy events off to a secluded large hall.
John J

4 August 2018

We thoroughly support this proposal, it was a huge success last year and was much enjoyed by local families
Michaela Mercuri

3 August 2018

Apart from Councils making money & hosting these events to give people something to do for a few hours, is the short-term profit & entertainment really beneficial to the wellbeing of society as a whole. By compromising a park, do the short-term benefits of such an event help offset & play a role in tackling the widespread issues in society of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, stress, mental health, gang violence etc. Perhaps allowing parks to be parks, places of relaxation & exercise and creating more of them might start to these reduce problems. Getting back in touch with nature & having close access to it will perhaps start to resolve these ever increasing problems which are costing our councils & central government billions.
Gill Allen

2 August 2018

This event should be substantially scaled back in size & duration. Our Commons & parks were created as places of relaxation in relative quiet & calm in a green, tree-filled oasis with a pond & birdlife etc.The atmosphere within them should reflect this & be sacrosanct. Places like Wembley, The O2, Olympic Park etc are built to host events like the one proposed. Barriers, diesel generators, security guards, noise, air pollution & the resulting rubbish & damage goes against the very ethos of the Common.Our councils need to search into their souls & realise that there is more to life than making money & large-scale noisy events.The human psyche, esp in a city craves peace, tranquility, nature, the very essence of why our parks were allocated.
Gill Allen

2 August 2018

The Common looked as if troop exercises had been held on it for weeks. There is a reason why Winterville is trying to get back on Clapham Common - nobody else wants them. Do you really want this to become like Finsbury Park? Whatever happened to peace and quiet? And respect for people who live there and have to put up with it.
susan lofthouse

1 August 2018

If they are given permission I would be grateful if there could be noise safeguards put in place.....especially with the long days at weekends when they go on until 11pm. as sound carries on the winds that meet on Clapham Common and the noise can seem to be in the same road if the wind is blowing towards the Western Side. It will have large implications on the local life that uses Clapham Common, so it would be good for conditions to be put in place to enable the local life to be able to continue while they are holding the Festival. Thank you.
Madeleine Bartley

31 July 2018