Albert Bridge set for weekend closures through August

Published: Friday 27th July 18

Road users are being given advance warning that Albert Bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic for essential maintenance work over three weekends in August.

The series of closures by neighbouring Kensington and Chelsea Council, which is responsible for maintaining the bridge, will be staged over the weekends of August 4 & 5, August 11 & 12 and finally August 18 & 19.

On these three weekends the bridge will close at 7am on the Saturday and reopen at 7am on the Monday.

One footway will remain open for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists at all times but no vehicles will be permitted to cross it. Albert Bridge is not on any bus routes so no buses will be diverted, although delays in the area are likely.

Vehicle traffic will be diverted via Chelsea Bridge and Battersea Bridge.

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Recent comments

3 items in this Wandsworth News today - consisting of major traffic disruption. I don't know why the emblem for Wandsworth says 'Wandsworth the Brighter Borough' - when it should read 'Wandsworth the Permanently Congested Borough'. I haven't seen many of the Wandsworth Council Fat Cats cycling in to work yet. Bit like Sadiq Khan - saying he will make Central London traffic free - whilst himself living in Bromley - another one i haven't seen on his bike yet.
Liz D

29 July 2018

Still remember with a shudder the Ride London of 2016. Took 6 hours to get from Marble Arch to Battersea via Hammersmith Bridge and the Kingston Road. Gridlock. All Bridges closed from Blackfriars to Hammersmith, inadequate signage. Cannot understand why this has to be so incommodious. Why not run it from 11 p.m. at night.
susan lofthouse

27 July 2018

Whats happening is a lack of coordination and chronically poor maintenance. At any one point there is at least one london bridge out of action, which causes chaose for commuters. Usually blamed on London bridges being old but other major cities with old bridges seem to manage fine.
Olivier Desbarres

27 July 2018

AGAIN???? Albert Bridge was closed for months and months not long ago for 'essential maintenance'. What's happening??
Ann Hudson

27 July 2018