Councillors approve plans for new 32 acre park

Published: Wednesday 25th July 18

Councillors in Wandsworth have backed plans for the creation of London’s newest public park since the 2012 Olympics.

Members of the planning committee unanimously approved the layout of a new 32 acre publicly accessible green space in the grounds of Springfield Hospital.

The entire 81 acre hospital site is being redeveloped to provide new medical facilities alongside nearly 900 new homes plus office, commercial and retail space – under plans approved by a Government planning inspector on appeal in June 2012 after they were rejected by the council.

Now in a detailed planning application, plans have been agreed for the new public park, which will feature landscaped areas, a pavilion and café,  two children’s playgrounds, a trim trail with fitness equipment, and the planting of an additional 414 trees, comprising 27 different species. Large grassed areas would be able to accommodate a variety of informal team sports such as rugby, cricket or football.

Other features include a rose garden at the southern edge of the park which will be a more formal setting and include bench seating.

A wide variety of planting is planned including a range of flowers, shrubs, trees and grasses. This would also include wetland planting, with new water features proposed to further boost its ecology and bio-diversity. A bridge will be built over one of these water features.

Planning applications chairman Cllr Will Sweet said: “We have been able to secure a wonderful new green space for all our residents in Wandsworth. It will be the first new public park to be created in London since the Olympics.

“The new park will cater for all tastes and activities. Parts of it will be quiet and tranquil spaces whilst others will lend themselves much more to sports and leisure activities.

“We were disappointed when the planning inspector in the appeal hearing in 2012 accepted that the development of the hospital site would mean the loss of its long-established golf course, but once that decision had been made, we needed to make sure that the new replacement space was as good as it possibly could be and that it would offer real benefits for the community and I believe we have succeeded in that aim.”

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Recent comments

Is there not room for a pitch and putt course on the site? Even a putting green would be better than nothing.
Martin Williams

7 October 2018

Great idea. Much needed and will be well used. Get going. Can't wait to use it.
David Hall

30 July 2018

Good news for Tooting and for London. London's constant growing population means we need many more green spaces and more trees and foliage across the whole of London. They help combat pollution and provide oxygen to inner city areas. It should be mandatory for new developments to have green areas built into the development plans.
John Whitney

30 July 2018

Great idea, a friend was in there years ago and we loved strolling in the garden.
Christopher Davies

27 July 2018

I hope that the Share Community Garden still have its space in this development.
Susan Mary Jones

27 July 2018

This is just the best news ever

27 July 2018

Congratulations, this is fantastic. A request if I may, is it possible to have an agility play area for dogs? We always have playgrounds for children but never seen an agility section for dogs in our parks. Equipment is not expensive and our idea is inspired by the dog agility area at Channel Tunnel in Folkstone. It's not too big and great for exercising the dogs and away from the childrens play area. Please can you consider this as Wandsworth is such a dog friendly place I think this would be a big attraction for dog lovers.

27 July 2018

Will this park allow barbecues? If not, why? Coming from Australia, I'm used to parks not only allowing barbecues but usually offering multiple barbecue installations for the general public on a first come, first served basis. I know the climate here is a little different, but surely even just allowing people to bring their own would be a good idea? If you're worried about damage to the grass, install small bricked/paved areas and barbecues are only allowed to be set up on those. It kills me that there are so many beautiful, amazing parks in Wandsworth and none of them allow this simple pleasure.
David Harcourt

27 July 2018

Why not include 9 hole pitch and putt? Give local children the chance to play, rather than keep it as an elite sport. A driving range and putting green. 4 multi purpose courts for tennis, netball, basketball etc.It is short sighted building houses without outdoor sports facilities. I hope there will be a good indoor pool, gymn and meeting rooms available. Planning now helps prevent obesity,loneliness and social problems.
Mrs Marilyn Dyrbus

27 July 2018

In line with Sadiq Khan proposal that people should never live more than 10 minutes from a park, a proposal echoed in the National Parks Charter. Might we hope that Wandsworth Council will sign up to this? and might we hope that the Council refrains from commercialising this valuable spot, remembering that people need that green space to relax at no cost. Enough of the pay to play ethos.
susan lofthouse

25 July 2018