Keep track of your summer drinking

Published: Thursday 19th July 18

With the long, hot summer showing no signs of abating and alcohol sales soaring, Wandsworth residents are being warned about the risk of dehydration.

Surveys have shown that people tend to drink more in the summer because of warmer, lighter evenings and summer events like barbecues, weddings and festivals. But although a cold alcoholic drink may feel refreshing, it actually increase your body’s liquid loss when you go to the loo, meaning drinking too much risks dehydration that could lead to heat stroke.

The council’s fast, simple and confidential Wandsworth Drink Checker online tool gives advice on how to avoid drinking too much, including setting a pre-planned limit and sticking to it, eating beforehand and keeping well hydrated by alternating alcoholic drinks with water.

The test was created by the charity the Alcohol Health Network and in Wandsworth is run in partnership with the council’s Public Health Team.

The council’s health spokesman Cllr Paul Ellis said: “Many people are tempted to have a drink during warm summer evenings and sunny weekend celebrations, but in hot weather it’s important not to let yourself get dehydrated. Drink Checker is a quick and easy way to keep drinking under control.”

If you are worried about your alcohol intake or someone else’s, get advice on local alcohol treatment and support services

Take the Wandsworth Drink Checker test.

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As the council is so interested in the hydration of its residents, I'm very surprised it provides no public water fountains! Why is this? Surely they would be very inexpensive to install and maintain, but they would provide a precious alternative to alcoholic beverages in hot weather.

25 July 2018