Ravi Govindia is highly commended in this year’s Housing Heroes awards

Published: Friday 13th July 18

Wandsworth Council leader Ravi Govindia has been highly commended in this year’s prestigious Housing Heroes awards.

Cllr Govindia was honoured in the 2018 Inspirational Leader of the Year category for his work in delivering thousands of new homes in the borough.

The Housing Heroes Awards are jointly organised by leading trade journal Inside Housing and the Chartered Institute of Housing and judged by a panel of industry experts in recognition of “the unsung heroes of the housing world”.

His commendation was based on his priority as council leader to “overcome the challenges of London’s housing crisis.

“His vision on housing and the driving force it plays in social mobility is borne out of his own experiences. His belief is simple: where you were born and which school you went to should not be a barrier to your future.”

Judges were impressed by Cllr Govindia’s record of delivery which since 2011 has seen:

  • A total of 19,000 net residential homes are under construction with more than 9,000 homes delivered over the last five years.
  • Delivery outstripping performance is also reflected in New Homes Bonus payments which have consistently shown Wandsworth to be a top 5 performer in the country.
  • The council’s unique hidden homes programme has been re-set to deliver 1,000 new homes on infill sites over the next seven to eight years.
  • Two major estate regenerations that will deliver 3,000 new homes, new community, library and leisure facilities, new GP practices and a new school.

Mention was also made of his role in the regeneration of Nine Elms which over the next ten years will create 20,000 new homes and 25,000 new jobs, the first new tube station in the borough for 90 years, new schools and a new town centre for Wandsworth.

In support of the award Craig Luttman, Regional Managing Director at L&Q Housing said: “We have always enjoyed working with Cllr Govindia . Partnership working is most effective when both parties share a common goal, which here is to tackle the housing crisis. Working in partnership with Wandsworth under the leadership of Cllr Govindia we can continue to deliver great quality housing in the borough.

“His strategic oversight combined with thorough understanding of the sector and genuine passion for the cause makes the council a prime partner for getting homes built for Wandsworth residents.”

Kate Davies, Chief Executive of Notting Hill Housing said: “Ravi is an enlightened and capable council leader. He knows that local residents really need more access to affordable homes – to rent, buy and part buy – and he takes a leading role in making sure that the Council facilitates new development.

“He cares about the built environment, the quality of housing and the opportunities that good housing open up for local people. He takes a great interest in what is being planned and built in his borough and engages with tenants, landlords, developers and housing associations in order to get the best for his constituents. An impressive modern leader who is driven, thoughtful and fair.”

Lee Bishop, Major Developments Director for Taylor Wimpey added: “Ravi is a true leader when it comes to working with local communities and delivering housing estate regeneration. It has been a real pleasure to work with him on the redevelopment of Winstanley and York Road, which will set a new benchmark for improving housing conditions, creating a better neighbourhood environment and bringing new opportunities for local people.

“Ravi's vision for what will be an exemplar regeneration scheme is inspirational, and his enthusiasm combined with his local knowledge has had, and will continue to have, a truly positive impact on all involved.”

Speaking after the awards were announced Cllr Govindia said: “I’m delighted that our efforts in Wandsworth have been commended in this way. The aim of the council I lead is to build as many homes as we can, in places where people want to live and of a sufficiently high quality to satisfy the dreams and aspirations of the people who will live in them. It is about more than just building homes, it is about building and supporting communities and that is of key importance to us.”

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Ruxandra Ratiu

16 July 2018

How many viable businesses have been closed down so developers have taken advantage of lax planning laws to convert commercial to residential.WBC does not care about local businesses, employment and amenities. The argument that the planning laws are drafted by central government. Well have the council put pressure on central government. No because Ravi tows the party line and doesn’t care about the borough. Put Wandsworth first please. He took the plaudits for the US embassy in Vauxhall but Trump would not visit the US embassy . His photo opportunity and smirky grin will not be missed.
Jonjo O’Neill

13 July 2018

'His belief is simple: where you were born and which school you went to should not be a barrier to your future.”' That's why millions of people born in countries like Poland and Romania have now moved into British social housing, while those of us who were born in the UK are excluded from it.

13 July 2018

The housing industry awards the council leader for his actions on housing. Sounds about right. That other interest group - people who actually live in housing in Wandsworth and can barely afford it - unfortunately don't have an awards ceremony. So we can only imagine what award they might give the leader of Wandsworth Council.
Thomas Corbett

13 July 2018