Whole lotta park love

Published: Friday 13th July 18

Love Parks is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the green spaces of Wandsworth – which has one of the highest number of council-owned parks and open spaces in inner London.

It’s a nationwide celebration and opportunity for residents to get out and enjoy their favourite park, or discover new ones, and appreciate exactly why parks matter so much.

Wandsworth is one of the greenest of London boroughs with 32 public parks – many with children’s playgrounds - while parks, open spaces, and private gardens cover 40 per cent of the borough.

“I’m always amazed when people I know say they never come to their local park,” said resident Anne Bristow, out walking her dog, Cherry. “It’s free and it’s just a beautiful escape from the bustle of the city. Cherry and I enjoy walking around our nearest green space, Falcon Park, and I’m pleased there is this celebration of parks taking place because we have so many around here.”

This year residents have even more to celebrate following improvements and developments to Battersea Park as part of a £840,000 investment programme.

A disused area of the park – unused for decades – was recently brought back to life in a £100,000 scheme funded by the council and a generous donation of £30,000 by The Friends of Battersea Park.

“It’s great here and I love the view of the bridge and the Thames,” said Anne, taking a seat in the new area known as The Promontory.

Alongside The Promontory Battersea Park has also benefitted from a new children’s playground, new landscaping and the refurbishment of the Victorian seating shelters, with other works in the pipeline.

Councillor Steffi Sutters, cabinet member for Community Services and Open Spaces, said: “Love Parks is a fantastic campaign that we are going to run throughout the summer in Wandsworth to champion the borough’s green spaces and encourage people to enjoy them.

“So much hard work goes into maintaining, enhancing and improving our parks and they are something to be really proud of. As Anne said – our borough is full of parks big and small so I hope people will get out and explore some of the green spaces they may never have been to before.”

As part of the campaign we are encouraging people to take pictures of our parks over the summer and post them on Instagram under the hashtag #LoveParksWandsworth.

You can also tweet us a photo at @enableLC, @EnableParks and @wandbc

Those who submit the best pictures will receive free tickets to Foodstock (which takes place in Battersea Park from July 27-29) with the best overall picture appearing with a picture credit on the next front cover of Brightside magazine.

Find out more at: wandsworth.gov.uk/loveparks

Wandsworth’s parks and open spaces are managed by Enable Leisure and Culture, on behalf of Wandsworth Council. Enable Leisure and Culture is a non-for-profit organization, no. 09487276, and registered with the Charity Commission (no. 1172345), providing leisure and cultural services for the benefit of local communities.

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Recent comments

My wife & I were delighted when we heard that the promontory would be redeveloped. Now, we are sad to see that it is a neglected space. Most of the plants are dead or wilting, rubbish and detritus abounds. It appears that the politicians, having had their photo opp, have moved on without a single thought about maintaining the simple vision of a pleasant and quiet space to relax and reflect in. It’s a bloody shame that it looks like most of London; unkempt, uncared for and somebody else’s problem.
Edwin Eames

14 July 2018

Battersea Park one of the most beautiful parks. If WBC really cares about our green spaces, they should sign up to the Charter for Parks and protect them from excessively large event, which can often destroy them. Wandsworth Council - show you really care. www.parkscharter.org.uk
susan lofthouse

14 July 2018

I think it would be wonderful to have some play equipment in the fenced area of King George’s Park Bodmin Street Entrance and this would encourage local families to enjoy the park as there is no near play equipment.
Lindsay Piper

13 July 2018

Seating arrangements in parks and commons are uniformly placed along the pathways, which is fine, but wide open spaces don't, elderly people would benefit in knowing they could take a short cut, and if needed have a rest before continuation of their walkout, space out the seating for convenience not for appearance.
John O'Shaughnessy

13 July 2018

We like our parks a lot. I would like to see more maintenance on the grass surface. I would like to see as well some more activities organized by the council , like couching the children for free every weekend to play football, rugby etc., because I have a feeling that the sport in London is not accessible for the children and they usually have to travel a lot and spend a lot of money for this. Thanks
Stoycho Andreev

13 July 2018

Love Putney heath and Wimbledon common, only wish that the people who maintain it would stop churning up the pathways in very wet weather, just turns everything into heavy mud.
george bartholomew hebborn

13 July 2018

We love our parks and are fiercely protective of them. Families cannot afford the fees for Go Ape and other attractions. Also the Fair is too pricey. WBC must bear this in mind and think about families who are struggling. Our children NEED these Open Spaces for good mental health
Anita Jackson

13 July 2018