Hot weather appeal to residents to help borough’s young street trees

Published: Thursday 5th July 18

Residents in neighbourhoods across Wandsworth are being urged to help nurture and care for their newly planted street trees in the current heatwave.

June was the warmest and driest since records began with virtually no rainfall at all in London throughout the month. The hot and dry conditions are forecast to continue for at least another week.

Over the course of the last winter the council planted more than 500 new street trees and there are concerns that some could be suffering in these hot conditions.

To combat this, local residents are being asked to check the young trees in their street and make sure they get some water.

Most street trees have a plastic tube dug into the ground alongside the trunk which allows water to be poured deep into the soil to help nourish the roots.

Pat Langley, arboricultural manager with the borough’s leisure and culture contractor Enable said: “This hot spell has really dragged on for quite a long period of time and whilst older, more established trees are better placed to withstand the heat and lack of rainfall, newly planted younger ones are a bit more vulnerable to these hot and dry conditions.

This is one of these rare instances when mother nature could do with a helping hand so if you have a tree in your street that looks dry and parched, please give it some water. You’ll be doing your neighbourhood proud if you do.”

Every district in Wandsworth saw street trees planted over the winter as part of a town hall initiative to plant more than 1,100 in total this year and next.

Species that have just been planted include London Plane, Cherry, Lime, Pear, Crab Apple, Rowan, Oak, Hazel, Whitebeam, Maple, Hornbeam and Birch.

In total the council looks after roughly 60,000 trees in its parks, commons and open spaces while around 15,000 grow in residential streets and on the borough’s housing estates.

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There's a parched-looking sapling (blue mark on post) by 15 Nottingham Rd. There's no visible watering hole, so water spills off the baked earth onto the pavement and doesn't help the tree. Please WBC provide a hole as I thought was required for saplings.
Gillian Wightwick

23 July 2018

A very good idea.Many people dont realise they are allowed to do this. Tree wardens will also be asking neighbours to share watering.
katherine fothergill

15 July 2018

A bowl of used washing-up or bath water is fine though please make sure no chemicals stronger than washing-up liquid are in the mix. Bath water is the most prized gray water for our plants and street trees. Don't water leaves, just around the base of the tree. My garden plants survive happily without a hose pipe.
Celia Blair

5 July 2018