Oil giant BP’s move into EV charging should have positive effect on air quality

Published: Wednesday 4th July 18

Wandsworth’s environment spokesman Jonathan Cook says the news that oil giant BP is turning its attention to electric vehicle (EV) charging is a welcome boost for eco-motoring and could have great benefits for air quality.

The energy company has just announced it is purchasing the UK’s largest EV charging company Chargemaster, which operates over 6,500 charging points across the country.

The move is expected to result in a major rollout of rapid charging units in BP petrol station forecourts over the coming months. These 150kW rapid chargers could be capable of delivering 100 miles of range in just ten minutes and are likely to encourage many more motorists to make the switch to electric.

This key infrastructure expansion mirrors Wandsworth Council’s commitments to boost EV motoring.

EV sockets are being fitted to 630 lamposts across Wandsworth with more likely to follow

The council has already begun installing charging equipment to just under 630 lamposts in the borough. This comes on top of 120 charging points being provided by Source London.

This means that Wandsworth is on course to deliver nearly 850 on-street charging points in total. Nowhere else in London is delivering this infrastructure on such a scale.

These will come in the form of:

  • The installation of 380 charging sockets in every available lampost within two pilot zones – in Putney (149) and Battersea (231) – to gauge local demand and encourage more people to go electric. The results from these trial schemes could see this key infrastructure extended to other areas.
  • Outside of these two pilot zones another 245 lamposts are having EV sockets fitted to them in parts of the borough where local people have already “gone electric”.
  • Source London is providing another 120 charging points at various locations across the borough, adding to the 99 already in use at 33 separate places in Wandsworth.
  • And for those who don’t need to own a vehicle but want to enjoy occasional eco-friendly motoring, a new e-car club is being established in Wandsworth – offering a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to car ownership, providing electric vehicles to hire by the hour, day or week.

Source London have already installed more than 200 charging points in Wandsworth

The installation of so much charging infrastructure is the first phase of a comprehensive £3m council initiative designed to encourage much greater take-up of this greener and cleaner form of transport.

Cllr Cook said: “This announcement from BP highlights the growing importance of this new technology and is a clear recognition that the future of motoring is electric.

“We hope that one of the first forecourts BP selects for these rapid chargers is Swandon Way. This is a key location in Wandsworth and the ability to get a 100 mile charge in just a few minutes could make a real difference in helping persuade more people to make the switch. We will be contacting BP to press the case for chargers to be installed here as quickly as possible and to explore other ways in which we can work together to promote this technology.

“Expanding the charging network will certainly offer more choice and opportunity for electric car owners and complement all the good work that’s already happening in Wandworth.”

The number of electric vehicles registered in Wandsworth has grown from 127 at the end of 2015 to 408 today – with numbers rising by around ten per cent every three months.

Current projections indicate that some 5,500 electric vehicles will be registered in the borough by 2025 – but with enhanced infrastructure and more charging points that number could rise to nearer 10,000. Existing analysis indicates that Wandsworth already had one of the highest take up rates in London for electric vehicles.

Cllr Cook added: “The 850 charging points we are installing is just the start. We have pledged to deliver many more right across the borough of Wandsworth. Creating such an extensive network will remove one of the biggest hurdles facing people when they begin to think about the feasibility of changing from petrol and diesel to electric.

“Ours is an ambitious programme of change which has the potential to achieve a real improvement in air quality. We’ve already done a lot to tackle pollution in Wandsworth and a big expansion in EV infrastructure will help us do even more.”

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Recent comments

I can find no information on the internet about an e car club in Wandsworth. Sigh!

11 July 2018

I’m looking forward to switching to an electric car. However, like a growing number of people, I prefer to get around locally by bike. It is truly gobsmacking how AWFUL Wandsworth is for cycling with a policy that doesn’t mention cycle tracks and many of the few cycle tracks and lanes that we had have been removed. Using money meant to improve cycling. It’s beyond a joke. Our roads don’t have enough space for us to drive everywhere and the obesity epidemic is ruining our public services. Put cycle tracks on main roads and filters on residential roads to make them access only for motor vehicles. It’s not complex. It’s not expensive.

6 July 2018

Let’s hope Wandsworth council chooses and contracts future providers it allows to block parking spots also based on cost to driver. Source London not the best start, Ubitricity could be better already... ‪Eg 300mi per month 5mi/kWh monthly cost: - Pod Point £10.20. - Source payg £30.30-£42.50, Source subscription £22.50-£29.90 (actually achieved rates on Source as charging current varies). ‬ - Ubitricity (Chelsea pricing) payg £11.40, subscription £17.00

5 July 2018