Southfields upgrade to create ‘village’ feel and improve transport

Published: Friday 22nd June 18

The heart of the shopping area in Southfields is to be upgraded to create a ‘village style’ town centre.

The centre of Southfields is already an attractive and popular destination for local people and visitors. The changes will further upgrade the shopping area, improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and make it easier to access via public transport.

How a seating area could look

The improvements will also help ease the pressure at the busy Southfields tube station – especially during Wimbledon fortnight when Southfields tubs station serves as the main transport hub for the championships and is used by hundreds of thousands of people.

Councillors at last night’s Community Services committee agreed the scheme, drawn up following extensive input from local groups including local residents’ association and the Southfields Business Forum.

Changes will include:

  • Reducing street ‘clutter’ such as railings
  • Widening pavements and making sure the same high quality paving is consistently used
  • Planting more trees and plants
  • Installing ‘Copenhagen’ crossings which slow down traffic at road entrances and encourage vehicles to give way to pedestrians
  • Better street furniture and  more seating areas
  • Better facilities for cyclists and the introduction of cycling contraflows

Some private forecourts could be resurfaced if landowners agree, and the council is investigating the feasibility of a drinking fountain requested by local people.

How Replingham Road could look

The cost of the scheme, likely to be between £1.5m and £2.3m will be met by a combination of the Wandsworth Local Fund – money raised by the council by imposing a levy on local developers – the wider Strategic Community Infrastructure Levy and by Transport for London.

The delivery of the scheme will be phased and the whole scheme is expected to take about a year to be completed. The first phase could start in the autumn

Roads and transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said:  “Thousands of people visit Southfields Underground Station every year as they make their way to the All England Championship. We want to make the shopping area an attractive place, easily reached by foot, bike and public transport, where visitors and Southfields residents want to stop and support local shops.”

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Seriously- £1.5 million +++ to do what? Get rid of railings- why? Seating areas - for who? Ridiculous
Debbie Stone

23 June 2018

For almost a year the business forum has been in discussions with the Councillors regarding the loss to the businesses.This article does not give the full facts. What about loss of upto 19 parking spaces on Replingham Rd, no consultation, misleading photos(Replingham Rd looks pedestrianized, traffic free main junction,parklet photo from where?)The grid residents already have lack of parking,the overspill will lead to poor relations with the shops re parking and deliveries. The disabled will have much further to walk to a disabled bay. The new Post Office will suffer, there are 3 pharmacies,a chiropodist,opticians,dentists. Customers need parking. Cllr Cook comments supporting local shops = close local shops. How many residents knew this?
Business Owner

22 June 2018