Wandsworth supports Clean Air Day

Published: Friday 15th June 18

The council is organising special events to mark Clean Air Day on June 21 and is encouraging local people to do their bit.

National Clean Air Day is about raising awareness of pollution issues, supporting people to reduce the amount of pollution they create, giving them tips on how to avoid pollution and helping them work together to improve air quality.

Wandsworth Council has a package of measures already in place to reduce air pollution and will be actively promoting Clean Air Day with a series of events across the borough.

In Putney the council is supporting the Positively Putney Business Improvement District on June 21 as they get out and about and invite residents to make pledges to do their bit to reduce air pollution. A smoothie bike will be outside Putney train station from 8am-10am, outside Russell Cooke on Upper Richmond Road from 11am-1pm and in Church Square from 2pm-4pm. Find out more about falling pollution levels in Putney.

In Tooting on Saturday June 23, the council’s holding an event from 10am-1pm to encourage people to leave their cars at home. Council officers will be in the town centre outside TKMaxx offering advice, handing out information leaflets, giving out goodies and giving residents a chance to ride the smoothie bike.

There will also be a string of events in borough schools this month teaching young people about reducing air pollution. Theatre groups will be running workshops and there will be special games to teach children how we can all help to improve air quality. Parents will be asked not to leave engines idling while they wait to pick up their children - Wandsworth is one of 15 local authorities taking part in the Vehicle Idling Action Campaign.

And Wandsworth will be working with contractors in Nine Elms to help get the word out about Clean Air Day. Air quality in Nine Elms has improved recently thanks to close and effective working with the companies building new homes, offices and shops. This close partnership will see the introduction of three new green’ living walls’ across the Nine Elms development area.

Wandsworth is a member of the London Low Emission Construction Partnership (LLECP), working with other London boroughs and Kings College London to reduce the air quality impacts from building work. Several sites in Nine Elms have been working with the LLECP on dust and emission reduction trials and on increasing their use of sustainable plant and machinery on site.

The council’s air quality spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We strongly support National Clean Air Day because it’s a good way to raise awareness about how the quality of London’s air can be improved. I would urge local people to leave their car at home on Clean Air Day and chat to our officers about the simple steps they can take to reduce their exposure to pollution.

“Meanwhile we will continue to work with our schools to educate our young people and their parents, lobby for cleaner buses, work closely with contractors and do all we can to encourage more sustainable forms of transport.”

Find out more about Clean Air Day here

Volunteer to become an Air Quality Champion

Get a free airTEXT message when high pollution levels are forecast.

For more information about the work being carried out locally to improve air quality, visit the council’s website.

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It would be good if Wandsworth council could get the guy who owns the sawmill across from me to burn approved wood in his furnace instead of polluting the area with the black smoke from his chimney
Eamonn Strapp

19 June 2018

How about extending this to Balham as well on the same day and making this a regular event. The traffic and pollution levels in Wandsworth are unacceptable.
Gill Allen

18 June 2018

The first step in 'clean air' action by the Council should be to fully enforce the HGV bans on residential roads. In Rectory Lane, Tooting we appear to be targeted by both Graveney & Furzedown Wards in having NOT implemented the recent 20mph restriction on our road - unlike all the other residential roads around here, and in NOT enforcing the HGV ban here with cameras and fines. Both the resulting AIR AND NOISE pollution which we have to suffer even throughout the night is horrendous. Skips, Crane trucks, huge delivery lorries, scaffolding trucks to name but a few, are using our road as a cut-through to avoid Tooting Broadway - which appears to be now being encouraged by the Council. Its making our lives a misery.
J M Vivian

16 June 2018

The main cause of idling where I live is minicabs.

15 June 2018