Dockless bike hire coming to Wandsworth

Published: Thursday 14th June 18

Dockless bike hire company ofo will be launching a service in Wandsworth later this month.

The scheme, which is expanding to cover ten London boroughs including Wandsworth, will mean people can register with an app to locate and hire a bike without having to access it via a fixed docking station.

The scheme will complement the existing Santander cycle hire scheme, which does not operate across the entire borough, and encourage more people to get out of their car and use clean, sustainable transport. It will support the objectives of the council’s Cycling Strategy and other council plans which aim for cycling to make up seven per cent of all trips by 2026.

It follows a decision by the council last year to stop the dockless bike hire firm O-bikes from operating in the borough following widespread complaints about bikes being randomly dumped.

The new scheme will be subject to strict safeguards. ‘Geofencing’ technology will ensure that riders use the bikes within the designated ‘Home Zone’ which is clearly visible in the app. ofo will have a team of marshals available seven days a week to answer any questions from users and ensure the service runs smoothly and that bikes are being parked responsibly. The council has agreed provisions with ofo for prompt removal of any bikes causing an obstruction. The public can also report concerns on 0808 1101 7141 or by emailing All bikes have the contact number printed on them.

Customers can hire a lightweight three-speed bike via the ofo smartphone app, ride it to their destination and lock it again for just 70p for a 30 minute journey. ofo has also introduced daily passes, offering unlimited rides for £2.90 and monthly passes, costing £9.90.

The scheme has been given permission to operate for a pilot period of 12 months. The scheme can be terminated early if it is not working, or extended if it is a success.

Joseph Seal-Driver, ofo’s UK General Manager, said: “We will be working very closely with the council to ensure ofo’s rollout goes as smoothly as possible and to provide the best experience for residents. We are looking forward to seeing our distinctive yellow bikes on the streets giving people a fun, cheap and environmentally friendly way to get around.”

The council’s transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We feel there is a place in the borough for a dockless bike hire scheme, but it must be the right one. We’re confident that we’ve found the right partner in ofo.”

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Recent comments

I think we could live without this scheme: abandoned bikes are a menace across much of London.
Ken Powell

17 June 2018

Why does Wandsworth need two park and ride schemes they get vandalised so people can ride them for free and become dangerous if you don't check them before you ride them good idea but two schemesbis there any need for both of them mobikes and ofo
Antony Arthur

16 June 2018

2 days ago a mobike was dumped in amongst plants on open space here. It was reported but took time for it to be removed. Today I saw 2 more which had, presumably been dumped. I have serious concerns about the growth of these bike hire schemes. 1) many of those using the bikes do not know the law (or blatantly ignore it) 2) it seems that the bikes are very easy to unlock, steal and then dump. As someone who is usually a pedestrian I would like to see policies which make walking more pleasant - not being harassed by cyclists on footpaths would be a start.

16 June 2018