Wandsworth men urged to look after their health

Published: Thursday 7th June 18

Next week is Men’s Health Week, and Wandsworth men are urged to take all the free help on offer to keep them fit and well.

Men have worse health outcomes than women, visit their GP half as often, and are more likely to die prematurely. They are also more likely to be obese, smoke, die from cancer, or to commit suicide.

Men in Wandsworth are three times more likely to die as a consequence of diabetes than women. Eighty per cent of diabetes cases are preventable through regular exercise, watching your diet and keeping your weight down. Many men may not be aware that they are at risk of developing it. You can find out by using this simple online tool.

Men's Shed

Being active and increasing social relationships can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and mental health problems. The council’s community development team based in the supported housing department run the Men’s Shed project, a weekly group where men (or women) can meet and work on practical projects, such as furniture upcycling, and enjoy a cup of tea and chat. It’s a friendly group and new members are welcome. Later this month the group will launch a boat they have made together onto the Thames.  Email ecurley@wandsworth.gov.uk to find out how to get involved with Men’s Shed.

Wandsworth Council’s health and social care spokesman Councillor Paul Ellis said: “We refuse to accept that men should tolerate having poorer health than women. There are plenty of services out there, offered by us and others, and we’re keen to make men aware of them and to encourage them to use them.”

There is also plenty of support to quit smoking, cut down drinking and get more exercise. Visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/oneyou for advice and information about local services and to take a quick five-minute health quiz. You can also get a wide range of advice on men’s health, and ask questions, on the Men’s Health Forum.

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