Consultation on lorry ban plan in Southfields Triangle

Published: Tuesday 5th June 18

Residents in an area of Southfields known as The Triangle are to be asked if they support council proposals for a lorry ban in their neighbourhood.

The council’s highway engineers have drawn up plans that would see lorries weighing more than 7.5 tonnes barred from entering four quiet residential streets just off Wimbledon Park Road.

The ban on HGV’s would prevent them using Pulborough Road, Wincanton Road, Hambledon Road and Gatwick Road as a cut-through.

The action is being proposed following complaints from some local residents about the number of lorries trundling down their street. As well as expressing safety concerns some residents have complained about parked cars being damaged by passing lorries.

As a result, residents of The Triangle are now to be asked if they support the plans to ban HGVs from using their streets. The ban would not apply to refuse trucks, firefighting vehicles or to bona-fide deliveries by larger lorries to homes in the area.

Every home in the Triangle will shortly receive a letter outlining the proposal and inviting residents to take part in the consultation, which runs until September 29.

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “It’s important that local people take part and tell us what they think so that we can act accordingly.

“Our view is that a lorry ban in these neighbourhoods is the right way forward but it’s important for  local people to have their say.”

Local people can submit their views to

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Recent comments

Will a ban cause blockages /delays on other roads in the area? Already Granville Road and Wimbledon Park Road are busy....
Jenny Massey

23 August 2018

I visit friends in this part of Wandsworth quite frequently, sometimes with toddler grandchildren in tow, and certainly support the ban. These roads should be for locals to move around in peacefully, not for oppressive lorries to hurry through, with all attendant pollution, noise, and potential danger. But I'm worried the ban will not be enforced. Does the council have a plan to put extra traffic police in the area while the system beds in? Are the signs going to be clear and unambiguous? Will any fines be properly prohibitive, and recorded, and the success of the scheme be rated in some way?
Olivia Hoare

7 June 2018