Help decide how the Wandsworth Local Fund should be spent

Published: Thursday 31st May 18

Residents and community groups are being invited to tell Wandsworth Council how they think money raised from developers should be spent on improving local neighbourhoods.

More than £7.2m has been spent from the Wandsworth Local Fund (WLF) in the past three years to improve neighbourhoods, including money for safer communities, employment schemes, better pavements and improved playgrounds.

The Wandsworth Local Fund is a charge the council puts on some developments to pay for the community infrastructure needed to support growth in the borough. Residents are encouraged to bring ideas for neighbourhood improvements to their ward councillors to be considered for funding, which must meet the criteria based on priorities set by local people.

The last borough-wide consultation to set these priorities was held in 2014, and local people chose green spaces, facilities for cyclists, better roads and pavements and community safety. Another consultation is being held now to set the priorities for the coming four years.

WLF-funded schemes completed or currently being carried out include Christmas lights in the town centres, new LED street lights, A major road and pavement resurfacing programme, repainting and pigeon-proofing Earlsfield Station railway bridge, refurbishing Putney Vale Cemetery and the Quest project providing intensive support to get young people into work.

Several public realm improvements will be carried out to smarten up shopping streets, including, Putney High Street, Bedford Hill and Bellevue Road.

And several playgrounds have or will be revamped, including Upper Tooting Park, Godley Gardens, Swaby Gardens and Leaders Gardens and playgrounds in King George’s Park, Wandsworth Common and Battersea Park.

The council’s finance spokesman Cllr Guy Senior said: “We want to hear from you about what you think the priorities are for your neighbourhood. That way, working alongside your local councillors, you can help shape our borough and make sure the money being invested is spent on schemes that directly benefit residents.”

A new guide highlights some of the projects funded by the Wandsworth Local Fund and helps people understand how they can nominate community schemes they think should get funding. Pick up the guide at your local library or read it online at

To help set borough priorities, take the online consultation by June 30.

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Recent comments

Balham is a beautiful area with lots of great restaurants and cafes, but its not easy to navigate. A visitor could easily miss Hildreth Street Market and the Bedford Hill side of the area, assuming all that we've got is a TK Maxx and a Weatherspoons. Some of the 'Legible London' signs would work wonders, especially if they can highlight local green spaces too - we're surrounded by Clapham, Wandsworth and Tooting Commons but you might think it was a concrete oasis.
Caspar Aremi

29 June 2018

Perhaps some of the £7.2m collected from developers could be spent making up for the reduced percentage of affordable homes the council disgracefully gifted the Power Station developers long AFTER contracts had been signed ?!?
D Spring

22 June 2018

While welcoming many improvements made by the fund, I think it is more important for developers to be kept to their obligation to provide affordable housing.
Jenny Weinstein

7 June 2018

Please please do something about the pavements on Greyswood Street. Both my parents have had nasty fall. M6 mother of 89 has a broken elbow after a fall 10days ago resulting in 4 days in St Georges and respite care for 4 weeks at considerable cost. Nothing fancy just flat easy to navigate pavement PLEASE.
Angela Bradley

6 June 2018

Can we please have some new pavements on the Kambala Estate Battersea
Donna Barham

4 June 2018

I note as a resident in the bough,I that the two main hardware stores are being allowed to dispose of their premises to allow for even more reckless development of high rise, high density housing. All credit to the council for windsurfing there is social housing included, but has anyone conssidered where your residents go for their hardware needs. In reality you are uneccessarily increasing the mileage for us to get to hardware stores. Of the three comprehensive store that we had one is already closed and in redevelopment and the two remaining (B&Q & Homebase) are soon to close with no known replacements in view. I would say that this demonstrates very poor planning unless you are simply going for more council tax.
Mark Livingstone

3 June 2018

Decent pavements would be a good investment. I know of folk who have ended up with breakages and in hospital because of poor uneven paving in Fieldview and Magdalen Road and I had a fall on uneven paving in Vicarage Crescent and uneven surface on the tennis court in Wells Garden - the tennis court still hasn't been put right and it's currently covered in moss.

2 June 2018

Replacing some of the services Wandsworth have cut over the years? Staffed adventure playgrounds, crossing patrols on busy roads. Continuing to give grants to those youth clubs which have received a cut in Council funding over the last year or so. EG Providence House. Carry out out a survey to show up those areas in which roads and pavements have been poorly maintained against those which have been well maintained (eg where councillors live).

1 June 2018

community center available to preschool am lunch for the elderly after preschool youth club for teenagers after school
kim ward

31 May 2018

Clean up the crossing around Tooting Broadway station, it's an eyesore and the pavements are uneven, particularly down Mitcham Rd, and the crossing sign itself (the old one with the lights) looks dirty and unkempt. The buildings above the shops (particularly the one over the Halifax, which is an eyesore) haven't had a revamp or a lick of paint in what looks like 30 years, and the outside of Tooting Broadway station really needs a good clean too!
aviva baker

31 May 2018