Mayor needs to support London’s councils on electric vehicle chargers

Published: Friday 25th May 18

London Mayor Sadiq Khan should be doing more to support the boroughs in delivering new electric vehicle charging infrastructure, according to Wandsworth Council’s transport spokesman Jonathan Cook.

Cllr Cook was speaking in response to a report published yesterday (Thursday) by the London Assembly’s environment committee which calls for “a pan-London approach to electric charging points, spearheaded by the Mayor”.

In response Cllr Cook said: “What the Mayor actually needs to do is work with and support boroughs like Wandsworth that have already made huge strides in introducing the charging infrastructure that London needs.

Tooting resident Matthew Paterson is already using a lampost charger near his home in Mandrake Road

“We already have this task well underway – and more importantly it is being carried out on London’s residential streets where this charging equipment is needed the most.

“The Mayor can only fit equipment on London’s red route network where parking is typically outlawed, so if he and the assembly really want to see more of this infrastructure in place then he needs to offer his support to the boroughs rather than try and lead it himself.”

Wandsworth has already begun installing charging equipment to just under 630 lamposts in the borough. This comes on top of 120 charging points being provided by Source London.

This means that Wandsworth is on course to deliver nearly 850 on-street charging points in total 

These will come in the form of:

  • The installation of 380 charging sockets in every available lampost within two pilot zones – in Putney (149) and Battersea (231) – to gauge local demand and encourage more people to go electric. The results from these trial schemes could see this key infrastructure extended to other areas.
  • Outside of these two pilot zones another 245 lamposts are having EV sockets fitted to them in parts of the borough where local people have already “gone electric”.
  • Source London is providing another 120 charging points at various locations across the borough, adding to the 99 already in use at 33 separate places in Wandsworth.
  • And for those who don’t need to own a vehicle but want to enjoy occasional eco-friendly motoring, a new e-car club is being established in Wandsworth – offering a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to car ownership, providing electric vehicles to hire by the hour, day or week.

The installation of so much charging infrastructure is the first phase of a comprehensive £3m council initiative designed to encourage much greater take-up of this greener and cleaner form of transport, and also to support those who have already made the switch.

Source London are also installing more than 200 chargers in Wandsworth

The number of electric vehicles registered in Wandsworth has grown from 127 at the end of 2015 to 408 today – with numbers rising by around ten per cent every three months.

Current projections indicate that some 5,500 electric vehicles will be registered in the borough by 2025 – but with enhanced infrastructure and more charging points that number could rise to nearer 10,000. Existing analysis indicates that Wandsworth already had one of the highest take up rates in London for electric vehicles.

Cllr Cook added: “This is only the beginning. These 850 charging points are just the start. We have pledged to deliver many many more right across the borough of Wandsworth. Creating such an extensive network will remove one of the biggest hurdles facing people when they begin to think about the feasibility of changing from petrol and diesel to electric.
“Ours is an ambitious programme of change which has the potential to achieve a real improvement in air quality. We’ve already done a lot to tackle pollution in Wandsworth and these projects will help us do even more.

“The Mayor needs to support these measures and help us build on these achievements.

“He has signalled very strongly that he intends to introduce a new Ultra Low Emission Zone covering the whole of London within the north ands south circulars, with substantial daily charges for all cars, vans, lorries and coaches entering the zone.

“If he proceeds with this scheme, and all the indications are that he will,  this will give him a new and very substantial source of revenue that he can use to help provide financial assistance to the boroughs to help create a really far reaching network of charging points all over the capital.

The Mayor is consulting on his ULEZ scheme

“If the Mayor really wants to drive forward the take up of electric motoring in London then funding the boroughs to install the charging points is surely the key to success.”

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Recent comments

Whilst electric cars are a good thing. This is more Cook spin, the 3x charging points at the bottom of my road are empty 90% of the time does Cllr Cook actually want to do a usage survey before he gets too over-zealous? Preferably one where he is not directly involved to fabricate and misrepresent the truth.

30 May 2018

All I see with these electric car charging points are cars being left there for hours - is this free parking??

26 May 2018

How much of my council tax goes to pay for the increasingly party political "news" put out by Wandsworht@6? It is either fulsomely and falsely praising Ravi Govindia or slamming Sadiq Khan. Perhaps your next edition would like to say how this is financed and why it pretends to be giving information of use to council tax payers.

25 May 2018

How can I apply to have an electric charge point installed in lamp post on my street. My electric car is arriving next month and it would be really useful as the nearest charging point is about one mile away...

25 May 2018