Great summer of tennis in store with £500k boost for playing facilities

Published: Friday 25th May 18

As tennis fever mounts with Queens and Wimbledon just around the corner, people in Wandsworth are enjoying better playing surfaces and facilities following a £500,000 revamp.

Players can now enjoy resurfaced courts and other playing improvements at King George’s Park, Wandsworth Common, Tooting Common, Wandsworth Park, Furzedown Rec in Tooting and Leader’s Gardens in Putney.

And at King George’s Park play can continue until 9pm each evening all-year-round following the installation of floodlights.

The now floodlit courts in King George's Park

These improvements, amounting to more than half a million pounds, have been funded by All Star Tennis which manages 28 courts across the borough.

All Star Tennis began working in the borough in 2002 when it began managing the courts on Wandsworth Common. In 2013 it teamed up with another tennis provider Will to Win and took on the other five venues in a partnership which has seen local participation levels soar 80 per cent.

The council’s sports and leisure spokesman Cllr Steffi Sutters said: “Tennis players across Wandsworth have some excellent facilities to choose from and these have been boosted in the past 12 months by some very serious investment.

“The introduction of the floodlights at King George’s Park in particular provide a great option for residents who love playing the game all-year-round.

“And with Queens and Wimbledon almost upon us inspiring people of all ages to take up the sport, the new and improved playing surfaces will hopefully help players develop their skills and hopefully encourage a new generation of Andy Murrays and Serena Williams’s.

People can also play tennis in Battersea Park and at the council’s flagship 52-acre multi-sports complex at Barn Elms, where residents can enjoy rugby, football, cricket, aussie rules, netball, hockey and rounders as well as specialist facilities such as beach volleyball, archery, athletics, field events, a gym and a boathouse for rowing. These are managed by the council’s leisure and culture contractor Enable Leisure and Culture. 

To find out more about coaching and playing at these six tennis venues visit For information about Barn Elms visit And for other fitness, leisure and sports facilities in the borough log on to

  • The borough recently unveiled a five-year strategy to get all its residents more active.

The strategy, which has been drawn up by the Active Wandsworth Network made up of the council, the borough’s  leisure and culture contractor Enable, local sports clubs and other key members of the sporting community, aims to make Wandsworth the most physically active borough in London by 2022.

It proposes developing a workforce of coaches and volunteers, targeting parts of the borough where people are inactive and removing the barriers that stop people being active, such as lack of facilities or cost.

Cllr Sutters added: "We recognise the importance of sports and physical activity to keeping people mentally and physically well and the role it plays in creating strong communities.

“That’s why the council, together with its sports and leisure provider Enable and the Active Wandsworth Network, have teamed up to back this new strategy and are working together to get more of our residents involved in sports and fitness activities.”

To find out more about the Active Wandsworth Strategy visit the council’s website

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