One of the most distinctive buildings in Wandsworth has won a major design award.

Published: Friday 25th May 18

Lombard Wharf in Lombard Road has a unique teardrop shape and due to subtle changes in the tower’s balconies it appears to twist upwards.

The 28 storey building, which opened last year, was built by Barratt London and designed by Patel Taylor. It features 134 apartments, 27 of which are shared ownership.

It has now been announced that the building has won the ‘home or development of outstanding architectural merit’ category in the Evening Standard’s New Homes Awards.  

Praising Barratt London for its design, judges concluded:  “This plectrum-shaped tower adds grace and rhythm to the waterfront. Wraparound balconies rotate by two degrees, enhancing an optical illusion of movement. Wandsworth planners wanted a landmark building at this twist of the Thames, next to listed Cremorne railway bridge and where a new pedestrian bridge and riverside plaza is earmarked. Unlike most riverside developments, it does not have a discernible front or back; it looks elegant from every aspect - and does not turn its back on the city. Its intriguing design softens its impact from a distance, before its boldness reveals itself as you get closer.” 

Wandsworth Council’s chairman of the planning applications committee, Councillor Will Sweet, said: “I am delighted to see that Lombard Wharf has won this prestigious design award. When planning applications go before the committee they are subject to rigorous scrutiny and we always look to ensure that each new development contributes to the local area, as well as including new affordable homes.

“Lombard Wharf is an excellent example of a striking design that the judges have rightly concluded positively adds to the local area and environment. Developments like this help set the benchmark for what we are looking for in Wandsworth and I congratulate Barratt and Patel Taylor in winning this award.”  

Ed McCoy, Sales Director Barratt West London, said: “We are incredibly proud of Lombard Wharf’s achievement at this year’s Evening Standard New Homes Awards. This development has been meticulously designed to provide an interesting visual experience from every angle and we are pleased to have been able to deliver such an iconic new landmark for the riverfront in Wandsworth.”

Patel Taylor, Architects, added: "We are very pleased with the award's recognition of Lombard Wharf, both for the design of the tower and its contribution to the local setting. The public realm was carefully designed to open up the Thames Path through the railway arches and provide a future connection with a planned footbridge across the Thames."

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Recent comments

I'm pleased this was built with the requirement that Barrett paid for the footings of the forthcoming Jubilee Bridge. It could have looked awful (think Chelsea Bridge Road blocks). It's more pleasing than the excerable blue building further down Lombard Road (How that got planning permission, god alone knows) and is slightly more elegant than the two glass and steel towers they are cramming in on the opposite side of the river. But this bit of the river looks more like an Abu Dhabi waterside.
Robin Ballance

26 May 2018

This design always makes me think that the architect thought: "how can I make a boring block more interesting?" I also note the pathetically small number of "affordable" (ie not affordable to most) units. I assume that these are the ones with no view of the river and most affected by helicopter noise. More Wandsworth Council's drive to be the council of the rich, wherever they live (China, India, Russia, USA.......), rather than the council of the ordinary. Can we now have housing for homes, not for investment.

26 May 2018

I live in Battersea Village - over the road to this 28 storey monstrosity. I don't see many lights on so guess not many have sold - also guess the sound insulation must be good because flights to Battersea Heliport go close past their windows. Whenever there is a wind - the noise in our flats is outrageous - we never had that noise before the 28 storey thing appeared.

26 May 2018

Sadly the whole section looking east from Wandsworth Bridge looks ugly and overcrowded now. It is never going to win awards. It is in desperate need of some riverside greenery to soften the ugliness. It needs a facelift. I hope the new section on the old Homebase site has some virtues but the pictures on the planning site don't impress.
Celia Blair

25 May 2018

I am so pleased that the Chair of the Planning Committee appreciates good design and the aesthetic pleasure of attractive landmark buildings. I agree, for a tower, it is really visually appealing. It is a pity that he and the Committee did not see the same need in the Planning consent they gave for the final building on the Riverside Quarter development, which is purely an exercise to see how many flats you can cram into a handkerchief of land by the Wandle. Shame on the greedy developers for applying, and Wandsworth Planning Committee for allowing this final Riverside Quarter development to go ahead.
Michael Webber

25 May 2018