Resident could face court action after Putney flytip discovery

Published: Thursday 24th May 18

A Putney man faces the prospect of being summonsed to appear in front of magistrates following the discovery of a large flytip in Putney Park Lane yesterday afternoon (Wednesday).

A huge pile of domestic waste including a carpet, a microwave, a folding bed and unwanted plastic baskets were found along with more than a dozen binbags.

Officers traced the flytip to a nearby address

Officers in Wandsworth’s parks police service attended the scene and their subsequent investigation led them to the address of a local resident.

A full dossier of evidence will now be examined by the council’s legal team and could lead to the resident being summonsed to appear in court.

The maximum penalty that can be imposed by the courts following conviction for a serious flytip offence is an unlimited fine and/or a prison sentence of up to five years.

Residents wanting rubbish cleared can call the town hall on (020) 8871 8558. The council will remove waste for a modest fee. If households choose a licensed private contractor instead they must make sure they get a proper receipt.

People having work done on their properties should always check with their builders and any other contractors precisely how they will be disposing of any waste materials. They should be extremely wary of people knocking on their doors unannounced and offering to take away their rubbish.

Among the items dumped was a microwave cooker and foldaway bed

Cowboy waste contractors often drive around residential areas looking for homes that are being refurbished or cleared. They will approach the owner and offer to take “junk” away for a cut price rate.

But instead of taking it to a proper waste disposal site and paying the appropriate fees, they simply dump it somewhere nearby – often in parks or other open spaces – leaving taxpayers to foot the clean-up bill.

In these cases it is not just the flytipper who is committing a crime – the householder who paid them to take their waste away is also liable under the law.

Anyone with information about rubbish being dumped should telephone (020) 8871 6396 or email All information will be treated in confidence.

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Recent comments

Im glad someone is finally being punished. We get several dumps a week like this (sometimes things as hazardous as 5ft high stacks of garden tiles and broken fridges) on Wildcroft Road. Hopefully it'll act as more of deterrent than the 2 posters asking people "not to flytip". Very hard to catch anyone as people sleep in their cars and vans there regularly, and throughout the day. Hard to discern if people are being shift or not.
Filip Gavrilovic

29 May 2018

I am all for hitting fly-tippers hard - they deserve everything they get. Not to mention, of course, casual litterers generally. The lack of civic pride in London is profoundly depressing. For what it's worth my dog has a habit of picking up empty plastic bottles when walking in the park. Unfortunately her haul is hardly ever more than one per walk but at least she is doing her bit.
Michael Armstrong

25 May 2018

Could you do something about graffiti as there seems to be a lot more lately.

25 May 2018

Very please to hear this. I walk my dog out here, and its quite dangerous. I do think the bins of the area need to improved however, as people leave there rubbish on the ground outside their houses and foxes get to them. Also the bin men just leave the waste that has come out on the pavements, with is just unhyginic and causes rats!

25 May 2018

dont go on like its a new thing, this happens all the time on the top end of putney park lane, the residents of the ashburton have no respect.

25 May 2018