Tell us your views on Bellevue Road improvement plan

Published: Thursday 24th May 18

People are being reminded to take part in a public consultation into plans for a series of streetscape improvements on Wandsworth Common’s popular Bellevue Road.

The consultation is asking local people if they support a package of measures designed to enhance this busy parade of shops, bars and restaurants.

The proposals were drawn up following a community engagement project in September when residents, shoppers, visitors and businesses were asked about which improvements they would like to see.

This prompted the current plans which include new high quality York stone pavements, new street trees, more cycle parking, better street lighting, additional pedestrian safety measures, improved anti-theft security for motorcycles  and the removal of redundant street furniture.

If approved, these improvements would apply to the stretch of Bellevue Road between Trinity Road and St James’s Drive. 

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “Now that these plans are out for consultation we’re keen to make sure we hear the views of local residents and businesses.

“The proposals were drawn up following the feedback we received in the autumn. Now that we’ve come up with some specific ideas we need the local community to tell us what they think.”

Residents and businesses in the area can find out more and take part in the consultation by visiting The consultation concludes on June 15.

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Recent comments

I got a fantastic idea. Why don’t the Council leave it exactly as it is. Why do Councils throughout London continually invent schemes to waste Council Tax payers money. I think the is just another scheme to keep someone at the Council employed. Perhaps they’ve got too many planners and engineers twiddling their fingers???

31 May 2018

No problem with further improvements, though it seems only a couple of years since this stretch had work done. But there is a greater priority just across Trinity Road, to re-make the footpath that runs along Burntwood Lane from the junction with Trinity Road down to Sandgate Lane. This is so unveven it ruins luggage and buggie wheels, endangers children on scooters and could tip a wheelchair user onto the road. It has been appalling for years and needs urgent attention.
Tim Lobstein

31 May 2018

I support the majority of the proposed improvements, especially the planting of more trees. It would be better still if more street trees were put in along Trinity Road, between Wandsworth Common and Tooting Bec Station. It might help with traffic pollution along a very busy stretch of road.

29 May 2018

Liz D: Cycling to our shopping parades & high streets reduces air pollution, traffic jams, C02’s.It improves wellbeing, longevity, obesity, mental health, heart disease, diabetes etc.These help save the economy & NHS billions.Happier, healthier people add infinitely to the economy.Helping to reduce CO2’s will help prevent further warming of the planet which causes extreme flooding & extreme heat which will cost the economy billions in the future.Statistics show that most people are no longer doing a weekly or fortnightly big shop but regular smaller shops.Backpacks & panniers on bikes carry lots of shopping easily.So bike facilities on Bellevue Rd adds to all of the above, attractive ones make them a feature rather than a utilitarian item.
Gill Allen

26 May 2018

Why all this 'lip service' to cyclists. They contribute nothing to the economy - in fact cost us all with their cycleways which they mostly ignore. What use is shopping with a bike - can't carry much shopping can you.
Liz D

26 May 2018

The plans all sound good, especially getting rid of unnecessary street furniture and making this street more attractive.
Marian Shaw

25 May 2018

Everything Gill Allen said.
Ben Craik

25 May 2018

Our high streets and shopping parades are failing.Until Wandsworth Council seriously addresses the car culture and takes bold steps to discourage car use, reduce the air pollution and queues of traffic then places like Bellevue Rd & Balham High Rd will not thrive and continue to decline.They have to made attractive & enjoyable places to visit, linger and spend time in with greenery, attractive paving & lighting with a pleasant outlook with the odd artistic feature, a fountain or sculpture rather than clutter, unattractive & unnecessary signage, real estate boards, cigarette butts, litter, queues of traffic and bad air quality etc. Partitioning patrons sitting outside with a line of wooden bollards, doesn’t make a pleasant place to be in.
Gill Allen

25 May 2018

Declutter! More flower-hanging baskets, ornamental trees, less of the bollards (think attractive French flower-filled villages & squares & why they are so pleasant to be in). It is a Conservation Area, introduce characterful heritage lighting & benches like the beautiful Victorian-style lamp posts The Hope pub has installed. Creatively designed bike parking which double as a feature rather than utilitarian inverted U-shape. Bold measures needed to reduce the queues of traffic & pollution along Bellevue Rd so patrons can enjoy eating & drinking at the cafés without having to breath diesel fumes with their outlook, the beautiful Wandsworth Common rather than parked cars & the daily queue of traffic. ‘Bellevue’ afterall, means beautiful view.
Gill Allen

25 May 2018

Amazing that Wandsworth Council has so much money for things like this but we seem incapable of getting our seriously decaying road resurfaced. I suspect the road has not been properly resurfaced since it was first tarmacked. Since then cars have had tyres slashed becaus of the state of the road. Is Wandsworth only interested in titivating in areas with a high footfall and not at all interested in provided necessary improvements?
Jane Eades

24 May 2018