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Published: Friday 18th May 18

A drop-in session is being held tomorrow (Saturday May 19) so that local people can find out more about plans to improve Bedford Hill between Balham Station Road and Balham High Road.

Preliminary proposals have been drawn up by borough engineers after previous feedback from local people showed they wanted the area smartened up to make it more attractive and revitalise local trade.

The drop-in session will include the chance to see samples of the proposed new paving and other details of the scheme. Go along to Bedford Hill Place outside Sainsbury’s between 10am and 4pm. 

Local residents and businesses have until June 15 to comment on the £1m plan, which would be paid for with money from the Wandsworth Local Fund – a charge paid by developers to fund improvements to the local area. Feedback will be used to further develop the plans

Under the proposed scheme, Bedford Hill from Balham High Road to the junction with Balham Station Road would be repaved. Granite paving could be installed similar to that in Hildreth Street.

A Copenhagen Crossing could be installed

The road could also be resurfaced, possibly with a subtly coloured asphalt or surface treatment. A 20mph limit would be introduced, and the centre line removed to encourage drivers to be more considerate, less aggressive and drive at lower speeds.

‘Entry treatments’ – which raise the entrance of a road up to the same level as the pavement, would help reduce the dominance of cars and will make it easier for wheelchair users and people pushing prams. Unnecessary signs and street furniture would be removed, and more street trees and plans would be planted.

Depending on the location of underground utilities, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) could be installed to better manage surface water after it rains.

The council’s highways and transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We have allocated money for this work, but will ask local people for their views before any work is carried out so that improvements reflect the wishes of the community.”

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When will the problem of abandoned estate agents' signs be fixed? I read two years ago that it was going to be rectified and nothing has happened. Nothing. Presumably, yet another election promise that was forgotten. Our streets are littered with signs left months after a sale or letting has taken place and we are left to deal with what is, essentially, 'fly tipping'. Particularly Lauristons.

20 May 2018

speaking to 2 policemen yesterday enforcing this silly 20mph limit (thats cost London tax payers over £750K in Wandsworth alone to implement), they said they are taken away from their main duties (eg mobile phone use, burglaries, scooter theft, no car insurance etc) by enforcing this limit as the council and residents groups put political pressure on them to do it. 20mph limits are the biggest waste of money ever

18 May 2018