Help maintain standards of public life in Richmond and Wandsworth

Published: Wednesday 16th May 18

If you care about your community and want to make sure elected representatives adhere to the standards we expect of them you can become an official ‘independent person’.

Wandsworth and Richmond Councils are looking for independent persons to assist in promoting and maintaining standards of conduct amongst elected councillors and co-opted members.

If you are interested, and able to review information to reach evidence based conclusions, have strong personal ethics and high standards of probity you are encouraged to apply before the May 21 deadline.

Jon Evans, Assistant Chief Executive (Policy and Performance) said:

“The independent persons will support the work of the councils’ Standards Committees in ensuring the conduct of our elected representatives remains exemplary.

“On occasion this may also require them to consider complaints against members and to advise members and officers of appropriate action to be taken in the event of a complaint.

“If you are keen to contribute to upholding the standards of public life in our boroughs I encourage you to apply.”

Please note that current and/or former councillors, co-opted members or employees of either council, or their close relatives are not eligible for these positions.

To apply for the Richmond Council role go here. To apply for the Wandsworth Council role go here.

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Susan we are correct, take the lighting, it comes on at 3 pm because the time-clocks are old and patrol does not know ho to set them, also because they don't have a program of works in place where things like this would be monitored and done correctly at the correct time. also ask why we have old incandescent and florescent lighting on old timers, when we should have led lighting on photo sensors, this would save us money and the lights would be controlled by the daylight fading, funny how the street lights the council pays the electric bill for have all been upgraded, yet ours that are inefficient energy burners have not, because we pay for ours via rent and service charge so council is clearly in no rush to upgrade.

17 May 2018

I thought the Council already had a system for holding councillors and officers to account? We don't need any more window dressing. But Gary has a point - our estate roads are potholed, and we are still waiting for a light in the communal external corridor to replaced - after 3 weeks, and 3 emails. Would also like to know why some of the communal lighting comes on at 3 p.m in the afternoon. I expect an answer will eventually arrive.
susan lofthouse

16 May 2018

what we need is people who can monitor the standard of wbc representatives, have you seen the shambles most of your estates are in? roehampton is full of rubbish broken pavements potholes overgrown gardens, dog crap, broken lighting its tired and unloved basically its a dive, yet millions is paid to you by residents every year? and we pay you in most cases more than private estate tennants good money to maintain it, but you do not to any where near the standard set out out in the leaseholders agreement. pride yourselves on dealing with rouge landlords? look closer to home you are rouge.

16 May 2018