Neighbourhood improvement plan for popular shopping parade

Published: Friday 11th May 18

Wandsworth Common’s popular Bellevue Road could benefit from streetscape improvements if local residents and businesses back a series of council proposals.

A public consultation will be launched tomorrow (Saturday) which will ask local people if they support a wide-ranging improvement scheme for this busy parade of shops, bars and restaurants.

The ideas now being consulted on have been drawn up after a community engagement project was held in September when residents, shoppers, visitors and businesses were quizzed on the improvements they would like to see.

This has led to plans being put forward for new high quality York stone pavements, new street trees, more cycle parking, better street lighting, additional pedestrian safety measures, improved anti-theft security for motorcycles  and the removal of redundant street furniture.

If approved, these improvements would apply to the stretch of Bellevue Road between Trinity Road and St James’s Drive.

Community services spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “These plans have been drawn up following the positive feedback we received when we first floated some of these ideas in the autumn. Now we need the local community to tell us what they think of these proposals.”

Residents and businesses in the area can find out more about the proposals and take part in the consultation, which commences tomorrow (Saturday, May 12) by visiting

People can register their views until June 15.

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Recent comments

Could we please introduce a 20 MPH zone along the Belle Vue Road, and additionally trafic calming measures. The business rates are far to high for small businesses- all that happens is the retail prices are increased to compensate the higher rates, and then no-one can afford to buy anything in the shops, then the shops close. The thing is the shops make the Belle Vue Road attractive, and then they close shortly after opening, leaving empty units, which will leave an attractive looking empty street, with no foot fall.
Paolo Petrilli

27 September 2018

I can't believe this is a 'popular shopping destination' unless you are looking for a house or a coffee (or Sainburys). Give the money to the independent shops in the form of a rate rebate. Reduce the speed of the traffic. Don't waste money on fancy paving stones.
Georgina Shaw

15 May 2018

Sounds good but what about doing something about the pavements elsewhere which are a disgrace. The pavement on the right hand side of Burntwood lane as you approach Trinity Road is appalling and for someone with walking problems at night with the headlights from the oncoming traffic making it difficult to see the many dips etc it is virtually unwalkable . Parts have been renewed and there are no tree roots near the end of the pavement, Something needs to be done about all the local pavements. Perhaps economising on the York pavement would enable the council to repair the pavements in and around Burntwood Grange Road . This could save some of the many accidents on Wandsworth' pavements.
Maureen Sweeney

13 May 2018

Declutter. More ornamental trees, flower hanging baskets, less of the bollards (think attractive French flower-filled villages & squares & why they are so pleasant to be in). Bring back heritage-style, it is a Conservation Area. Introduce characterful heritage lighting & benches like the beautiful Victorian-style lamp posts The Hope pub has installed. Attractive bike parking rather than utilitarian inverted U-shape. Bold measures needed to reduce the queues of traffic & pollution along Bellevue Rd so patrons can enjoy shopping, eating & drinking at the cafés without having to breath diesel fumes with their outlook, the beautiful Wandsworth Common rather than parked cars & the daily queue of cars. ‘Bellevue’ afterall, means beautiful view.
Gill Allen

13 May 2018

Agree with other comments. Business rates have eliminated most of the small shops that use to be on Bellevue and have left estate agents or high street chains. I no longer do much shopping on the street and although fixing the uneven pavement desirable, putting down yorkstone paving will not improve the shopping on the street.

12 May 2018

Very pleased to see these planned improvements. But are there any constructive suggestions to attract interesting community enhancing shops (whatever happened to The Lucky Parrot?) rather than interminable estate agents?
nigel fishwick

12 May 2018

I would rather the council reviewed business rates so that better and more varied shops were attracted there rather than only charity shops cafes and estate agents. We are losing all our small businesses that cannot afford the rents. That is money better spent than uneccesaary and expensive cosmetic improvements .
Jane player

11 May 2018

More pressing is sorting out the traffic queues and the resulting pollution along Bellevue road, it’s absolutely disgusting

11 May 2018

Meanwhile Garratt Lane at Earslfield is estate agent lane and is often left looking very dirty. Pigeon mess is rarely cleaned away under the railway bridge. Has the council really compared the use and footfall of other areas needing "streetscape improvements"? I am sure Earlsfield would love a similar "consultation"!
Celia Blair

11 May 2018

This sounds like a good idea and I would like to see the detailed plans as, in principle, I approve the enhancement of this important local asset. However would this money be better spent on fixing pot holes in our local roads which might pay for itself by avoiding damage and injury claims.
Bruce St Julian-Bown

11 May 2018

Excellent project. Now try and influence planners and landlords to get some worthwhile shops as opposed to the never ending plethora of Estate Agents.
David Forcey

11 May 2018