Recycle your food waste

Published: Friday 11th May 18

This week is International Compost Awareness Week, and local people are urged to find out about how they can compost their food waste.

More and more Wandsworth residents are embracing composting and the council runs special offers on home composting containers, and offers information and advice on home composting and garden waste shredders.

Community organisations and groups of neighbours are also encouraged to apply for funding through the Wandsworth Grant Fund for local composting projects. The council has already funded the Wandsworth Composting Project set up by the Wendelsworth Residents Association, Wandsworth Environment Forum and the Western Riverside Waste Authority.

It will be holding training sessions across the borough during the summer Find out more by contacting the Wandsworth Composting Project on 07980 095 152, or email

Composting provides a peat- and chemical-free way of fertilising gardens, containers and house plants. It diverts food waste away from rubbish bags, so helping to save council tax payers’ money through reducing disposal charges, and helps reduce the environmental problem of soil deterioration.

Residents do not need a garden - they can compost on a balcony or even in their kitchen.

Get more information about home composting

The council will collect up to five bags of garden waste a week for free. Find out about garden waste disposal

Find out more about special offers on home composting containers

Get help choosing a garden waste shredder

Find out more about recycling in Wandsworth

The council is keen to receive applications for Wandsworth Grant Fund funding for environmental schemes. Find out how to apply in the next funding round at

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Recent comments

I have a very small garden and do my best to compost vegetable waste. However, I visit a friend in Sidmouth and their council collect all food waste from households and restaurants to turn into biofuel. Come on Wandsworth catch up.
Maryvonne Lumley

13 May 2018

Recycle food waste - how much food waste do folk actually have - to make food waste an issue. A few months back I started recycling within my own flat - 45% paper - 45% plastic wrappings etc - hardly any food waste.
Liz D

12 May 2018

A good idea. However, one thing strikes me. If we do not have a garden why are we composting? Not that much room for plants on the average minute balcony, and even some of that would be taken up by a composter. All I can manage on my balcony are three tomato plants and a couple of pots of herbs. But what would be a good idea would be for the Council to provide bins for food waste, then compost the waste for use in our parks and green spaces. They do this in many Italian cities. And we do have a lot of green spaces in Wandsworth.
susan lofthouse

11 May 2018