View sprinkler show flat

Published: Friday 4th May 18

A show flat enabling tower block residents to see what a flat with fire suppression sprinklers look like is now open and resident groups are being shown around.

The council has made a commitment to retro-fit tower block flats with sprinklers. Modern accredited sprinkler systems are only activated by heat from a fire and operate on an individual room-by-room basis.

You can watch a video of the show flat here to see how a modern sprinkler system is installed.  

If you would like to view the flat, contact your local area housing team:

Western Area: (020) 8871 5530
Central Area: (020) 8871 5333
Eastern Area: (020) 8871 7439
Southern Area: (020) 8871 7288.

If you do not know which area team manages your property,  call  (020)  8871 6864 or email

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This video is misleading and it doesn’t look anything like the flat I visited.
Nieves Carazo

26 August 2018

With recent horrific events still in everyones minds, I too want our block to be as safe as possible. However, I strongly disagree that retro fitting sprinklers to EVERY block above 10 floors (especially without cladding) is only the solution. Its reported that those horrific events occurred from a combination of a faulty electrical appliance and non fire resistant cladding. Therefore, it makes more sense to spent the money employing the services of a professional electrical contractor to safety test (PAT) all 'white goods' within the blocks and to upgrade the very old fuse boards that still exist in many flats. Fitting sprinkles seems a bit like putting a plaster over a knife wound. Surely it would be better to take the knife away???

8 June 2018

It is illegal for Wandsworth Council to charge Leaseholders for the Sprinklers as it is their responsibility to provide a safe building to live in for all. The Wandsworth Council needs to put their hand in their own pocket and provide the safe buildings to live in. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH FOR FORCING TO ALWAYS FINANCE YOUR IDEAS OF IMPROVEMENTS CERTAIL AREAS AND THINGS BELONG TO THE FREEHOLDER THE WANDSWORTH COUNCIL TO FINANCE FOR IT. LIKE SOMEONE SAID ABOVE LEAVE US ALONE WE ALREADY CHIPPED IN TOO MAJOR WORKS THAT JUST COST US £6600.

11 May 2018

i think us leaseholders pay enough? what with the overpriced service charge that seems to provided almost no service but continues to rise, your response to issues is shocking, your contractors and workmen are liability's, generally causing more damage than the original fault. now we have this cash grab! i have paid over 5500 pounds in 3.5 years in major works alone. without the ripoff service charge @119 per month, then council tax, how much do you really need from us? everything it would seem until we are on our knees, wouldn't mind but when leaseholders have issues you start the pillar to post pushing avoiding dealing with it. i require ins,dbs, qualification, examples of work, method statement r.a before your monkeys get in my place.
Gary Hatton

10 May 2018

But what about the cost to leaseholders and are they actually necessary in all blocks?
E Michel

6 May 2018