It’s polling day – don’t forget to vote

Published: Thursday 3rd May 18

Polling stations are open until 10pm this evening (Thursday) so that people can cast their votes in the local borough council elections.

Although they are not actually needed to vote, poll cards have been posted to every eligible voter informing them which polling station they should use.

People who have mislaid their poll card can find out where their polling station is by telephoning (020) 8871 6023. This number can also be used to check that their name appears on the electoral register. Alternatively people can visit and key in their postcode to find out the location of their polling station.

Those who have received a postal vote but have not yet returned it can still cast their vote by handing it to staff at any polling station in the borough before the close of poll at 10pm. Alternatively they can bring it to the town hall before 10pm.

The counting of votes will begin soon after the polls close this evening and these results will be posted on the council's website and on its Twitter feed (@wandbc) as soon as they are known. The final results are expected in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Friday)

Those eligible to vote in the local council elections are British citizens, along with citizens of Commonwealth countries, the Republic of Ireland, British Overseas Territories and the European Union.

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In my ward a worryingly large number of people seemed not to have received a polling card.
susan lofthouse

3 May 2018