This winter's tree planting almost complete

Published: Friday 16th March 18

Wandsworth Council is nearing the end of this winter’s programme of planting new street trees across the borough.

Cllr Cook planting a street tree in Balham

As of this morning there were 25 trees left to plant out of around 670 that are being planted in Wandsworth’s residential streets, housing estates and parks.

This includes more than 500 street trees – ensuring that residential parts of the Brighter Borough remain green and leafy.

At least 500 more will also be planted in residential areas next winter – making a projected total of more than 1,150 new trees over the two planting seasons.

The council looks after more than 60,000 in its parks, commons and open spaces while around 15,000 already grow in streets and on housing estates.

Species being planted include London plane, cherry, lime, pear, crab apple, rowan, oak, hazel, whitebeam, maple, hornbeam and birch.

The council’s environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook helped plant of the remaining trees in Malwood Road Balham.

He said: “We have been planting hundreds of trees across the borough, consolidating our status as having some of the greenest streets in London.
“By next year the number of street trees in our borough will have risen to around 16,000. As well as making our residential areas look much more attractive, they will also offer great habitats for birds, bees and other forms of wildlife.”

A montage comprised of individual photographs of the hundreds of new trees planted in Wandsworth this winter

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Recent comments

You make no mention of the of cutting down of mature trees, leaving a stump or nothing. Your article refers to "great habitats for birds, bees and other forms of wildlife.” - I think your find a mature tree is more beneficial to wildlife than a new 8 ft tree.
Matt C

5 September 2018

I just want to say thank you for planting a new tree in front of our house in Treport Street. We are very grateful as we missed the old one very much.
Annie Davies

19 March 2018

I think street trees improve our area enormously (area at the top of Battersea Rise)
steve bassnett

18 March 2018

Good work. Any chance of some trees in Lurline Gardens? It looks like they or grass verges used to be there but are now concreted over.
A Jones

16 March 2018

Inman Road, Earlsfield still neglected. A tree outside number 15 was removed over 2 years ago. The hole was never made good and no replacement tree is due until 2019. Promises have been made that the pavement will be made safe but nothing was done. Council departments obviously don't communicate. Councillors have done nothing either.
Celia Blair

16 March 2018

It is wonderful to see more trees being planted in the borough. Although I and my husband live on land behind Wandsworth Prison we are council tax payers of the council and as such would love to see more trees planted on the green that skirts Groom Crescent and Heathfield Square. They would provide much needed shade in the summer. There are some trees on the Heathfield Square side but not so many on the Groom Crescent side. Is there any chance of there being any planted here please ? They would be cared and watered by the residents . Many thanks Gill and Dave Thumwood
Gill Thumwood

16 March 2018

More trees are the last thing we need. Trees are a danger to residents when the roots grow upwards and paving stones 'lift'. Clearing the leaves from these trees will be a 365 days a year job to sweep up - a cost us council tax payers could do without.
Liz D

16 March 2018