Battersea primary school consults on academy plan

Published: Thursday 15th March 18

The governors of a Battersea primary school have unveiled ambitious plans in order to raise educational standards and achievement.

High View primary school is now consulting local parents on its plans to convert to an academy and join the highly successful Ark network in September.     

Ark is an international charity whose mission is to transform lives through education. 

It runs 35 schools around the country, including the popular Bolingbroke Academy which is rated Good by Ofsted and for which High View is already a feeder school. It also runs Ark Putney Academy which was also rated Good in all categories in March last year. 

Ark’s aim is to “give every young person, regardless of their background, a great education and real choices in life” – and is recognised as one of the highest achieving academy groups in the country.

High View’s chair of governors Thea Sherer said: “As part of the Ark family of schools, our school would benefit from strong links with the wider network. Staff would be able to receive high quality training and support which is recognised as being among the best in the country.  Our pupils would also be able to take part in additional network-wide activities such as competitions, debates and music galas. 

“As a school community we are all committed to raising attainment and progress and I believe that this can and will be achieved with the support of a strong and effective sponsor.  We fully believe that joining a high performing academy trust such as Ark will enable us to make rapid improvements and offer transformational opportunities for our pupils – giving our children the best opportunities to succeed in life.”

Governors at High View have formally passed a resolution signalling their wish to join a multi-academy trust, and it is important that parents also have a say.

The school is now consulting local parents and seeking their views. To take part in the consultation visit

If the plans proceed the aim would be for High View to join the Ark network from this September onwards

The consultation period will end on Monday, March 26.

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I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Eight out of 10 academies in deficit, say accountants -
Florence Mele

17 March 2018

Research showed that schools are 6x as likely to improve when they remain with the local authority than if they become academies. Ark has schools scattered all around the country and at least 3 of them require improvement. Perhaps they should concentrate on improving those before taking on more. From their accounts: they ran at a deficit last year;7 of their schools had a deficit; all 7 of those schools were below capacity. 16 paid over £100k which might explain why some one is keen to escape Wandsworth. So in terms of improving education - no; in terms of financial stability - no; in terms of local accountability - no. This is a bad deal.

16 March 2018

Academisation is seen by the government as a way to improve struggling schools. This to me is a political fallacy. There is no evidence that academisation leads to school improvement - see Educational Policy Institute and London School of Economics July 2017 study. Forced academisation leads to high staff turnover and heavy management disruptions. Academisation is no magic wand. The problems of failing schools lie elsewhere: teachers training, pupil/staff ratio, excessive bureaucracy imposed on teachers, culture of overtesting pupils instead of consolidating learning and teaching, school leadership. These issues need to be addressed first at National level. I oppose converting High View to an academy.
Florence Mele

15 March 2018