Plans to improve Bedford Hill

Published: Thursday 15th March 18

Borough engineers have come up with initial plans to improve Bedford Hill between Balham Station Road and Balham High Road.

Preliminary proposals have been drawn up after previous feedback from local people showed they wanted the area smartened up to make it more attractive and revitalise local trade.

The £1m project will be paid for with money from the Wandsworth Local Fund – a charge paid by developers to fund improvements to the local area.

Local people will be given chance to comment on the proposals, which are being worked up in the coming weeks. This feedback will then be used to further develop the plans.

Bedford Hill from Balham High Road to the junction with Balham Station Road would be repaved. Granite paving could be installed similar to that in Hildreth Street.

A Copenhagen Crossing could be installed

The road could also be resurfaced, possibly with a subtly coloured asphalt or surface treatment. A 20mph limit would be introduced, and the centre line removed to encourage drivers to be more considerate, less aggressive and drive at lower speeds.

‘Entry treatments’ – which raise the entrance of a road up to the same level as the pavement, would help reduce the dominance of cars and will make it easier for wheelchair users and people pushing prams. Unnecessary signs and street furniture would be removed, and more street trees and plans would be planted.

Depending on the location of underground utilities, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) could be installed to better manage surface water after it rains.

The council’s highways and transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We have allocated money for this work, but will ask local people for their views before any work is carried out so that improvements reflect the wishes of the community.

“We know residents are keen to see something happen in Bedford Hill and we want them to know plans are in the pipeline. We will be writing to people in due course and giving people an opportunity to comment.”

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Recent comments

The most important aspect of improvements to Bedford Hill has to be the improvement of air quality for children and adults (e.g. trees that are most efficient at cleaning the air) and also look good. Any changes that increases the pollution (e.g. slowing down the heavy traffic flow) should be avoided at all costs.
Maria Gall

12 June 2018

Interesting to hear these plans and see what the outcome is. Would be great to see something done about Bedford Hill, especially going up the hill towards the Common. Cars and motorcycles go way too fast speeding up the hill. Not nice considering safety of pedestrians and also for noise levels.
Indigo Hicks

3 June 2018

Good news, looking forward to seeing the proposals. Would be great if a 20mph speed limit was enforced on all of Bedford Hill. People do terrifying speeds, particularly as they come up the hill itself.
Bedford Hill Resident

29 March 2018

Sorry ‘typo’ ...should read ‘after the bombing of WWll’ not ‘1’
Gill Allen

19 March 2018

Install attractive heritage-style lighting (& seating) along Bedford Hill, Hildreth St, Chestnut Grove, Balham Station Rd & along Balham High Rd rather than the current souless & drab utilitarian lighting. Lambeth Council has put in characterful Victorian-style lighting in Clapham Old Town’s Pavement area and throughout Clapham Common and created a wonderful atmospheric environment. Balham town centre needs character, a focal point & its heritage returned, much of it destroyed (or removed) after the bombing of WW1. Show vision please, Wandsworth Council.
Gill Allen

19 March 2018

The sheer size of Sainsbury’s carpark after the supermarket was expanded & resulting traffic & diesel fumes has created such an unpleasant High Rd & adjacent streets around Balham town centre.There are now so many supermarkets & smaller ‘local’ ones within a few miles of Balham there is no justification to drive particularly as studies show that most shoppers are doing regular if not daily smaller shops, rather than one big weekly shop. Until the council & supermarkets be bold & discourage car use, Balham High Rd & adjacent streets will never be pleasant areas to shop, linger, visit cafés etc.The prime areas are used to park cars & are unsightly & hv so much potential- need trees & attractive public spaces rather than a piecemeal approach.
Gill Allen

19 March 2018

I think the council should reconsider this plan, and divert funds instead to improving the Tooting Broadway area around the tube station. Bedford Hill seems to be relatively easy to navigate as a pedestrian (and Hildreth St adjacent is of course already completely pedestrianised), whereas the area around Tooting Broadway is very cluttered and looks quite unattractive.
Lynne Treanor

18 March 2018

This is a busy little stretch of shops and restaurants - does it really need improving? Isn't there something more worthwhile to spend 1 million on??
Carolyn Cox

18 March 2018

Having just walked down Bedford Hill to the shops, I see you have already installed something similar to Copenhagen crossings on Byrne Road, Larch Grove, Oakmead Road, Rossiter Road, Sistova Road and Shipka Road (I didn't get as far as Harberson Road). The junction at Shipka Road has suffered badly from subsidence. So which junctions are you talking about? Fernlea Road by the Bedford is traffic-light controlled with a pedestrian phase.
Deborah Phelan

17 March 2018

Why can’t you just leave the roads exactly as they are and just concentrate on resurfacing and maintaining them. This just like the 20mph scheme and countless others are all a complete waste of money. Perhaps the problem is you’ve got too many planners and engineers with nothing to do but dream up costly, pointless schemes.

16 March 2018

Reduce Sainsbury's car park to a row of disabled spaces, turn the rest into an community open space. It would help reduce traffic. Sainsbury won't like the idea, but I'm sure most of their customers arrive on foot. The car park seems to be full of yummy mummies' 4x4s most of the time. It is a real waste of a good town centre space which could be used so much better for the good of the community. Slap a CP order on it and tell Sainsbury to like it or lump it. Trees, grass, sunshine, entertainment on summer afternoons... it has huge potential. There are so few spaces like it, we should make the most of it.
David Westgarth

16 March 2018

Very good scheme. Hope it goes ahead soon.
John Rattray

15 March 2018