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Published: Wednesday 14th March 18

The council has conducted a study to better understand the residents of this new district of Wandsworth, and to help plan local services.

All of these shared ownership homes were bought by Wandsworth locals

The poll of 873 residents living in new homes at Nine Elms and two similar nearby developments for comparison was made up of owner-occupiers, shared owners, as well as those privately renting and renting from housing associations.

According to the report, the majority of householders are UK citizens employed full-time, with earnings profiles broadly similar to the Greater London Authority’s average for the capital, while the overall employment status of Nine Elms residents is in line with the rest of the borough. 

At 56%, just over half of households such as families with both parents in work earn from £10,000 up to £50,000 each, while 13% of households are on incomes of less than £20,000.

The survey also revealed that 72% of children attend state schools. 

UK passport holders accounted for 60% of survey respondents, with another 16% being from the rest of the EU. 

When asked about their previous address, 34% of respondents said it was in Wandsworth, 41% in another London borough, 13% elsewhere in the UK, and 12% overseas.

Cllr Ravi Govindia, Leader of Wandsworth Council, said: “This survey was carried out to help us better understand who is moving into this emerging new district and to get their feedback on their new neighbourhood. This is important to us as we start to plan in detail the services and infrastructure the local community will need – such as the new health centre in Sleaford Street.”

The survey revealed that while 84% were happy with the neighbourhood as a place to live, 30% expressed dissatisfaction with external noise levels, which the council is seeking to address, along with improving air quality. 

In terms of the impact of overseas investment at Nine Elms, the survey is line with research commissioned by the Mayor of London last year which concluded that overseas investment enables the funding and construction of homes both for sale as well as for rent and shared ownership by councils and housing associations and therefore provides an overwhelmingly positive contribution to London’s housing.

As an example, all 116 of the shared ownership flats at Optivo housing association’s Riverlight development were bought by people who had registered with the council’s low cost home ownership service.

Last year 90% of shared ownership homes across the borough were bought by people with a local connection, due to Wandsworth being one of only a few councils to prioritise in this way.

Cllr Govindia added: “I think this survey gives an interesting insight into who is actually moving into Nine Elms and their views on the area. Further surveys will be commissioned in future years to build up a profile of people living in this young, dynamic and fast- growing area.” 

If you live or work in Wandsworth, get local priority by registering with the council’s home ownership team online at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/sharedownership or email: housesales@wandsworth.gov.uk or telephone: (020) 8871 6161

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Nine Elms is not a "new district of Wandsworth"; it's a very long-standing district of Battersea.
John Rattray

15 March 2018

These statistics are too incomplete to be meaningful: was that 873 respondents, or 873 properties surveyed? What was the mix of properties surveyed/respondents? It hardly seems surprising that the shared ownership homes would have been mostly bought by local people. Equally, it wouldn't be surprising if absentee foreign owners didn't respond to the survey. Where is the link to the full survey results?

14 March 2018

40 percent dont own british passports! shocking stats! how many are council owned? how many homless uk citizens did this project help? how many uk citizens living in overcrowded squalid conditions did this project help? none none none.. foreign investors written all over it. you can almost smell the dirty money going through the councils dirty hands...

14 March 2018