Residents in Southfields ward can have their say on local services

Published: Monday 5th March 18

Residents living in the Southfields area will be able to raise issues of local concern with senior councillors and town hall officials at a special drop-in feedback session tomorrow evening (Tuesday).

Members of the public are being invited to attend the latest ‘Let’s Talk’ meeting where they’ll be able to speak to their locally elected representatives and deliver their verdicts of a range of public services, along with suggestions on how these could be improved.

This meeting is following a new pilot drop-in style format where residents can raise issues on a one-to-one basis with councillors and town hall officers.

And in a bid to increase participation and attendance levels, the new style of meeting being trialled here is designed to be more family-friendly with parents actively encouraged to bring their children with them.

Council leader Ravi Govindia said: “We want to try a new way of staging these meetings.

“Some parents have told us that the more formal style of ‘Let’s Talk’ meetings has made it difficult for them to attend and that they are not particularly family-friendly events.

“Southfields is a ward with a high proportion of young families and so to try and make it easier for parents with young children to attend we are trying something different.

“A less formal drop-in type session where people can raise issues one to one and choose when they come and go is something worth trying if it opens up these feedback sessions to a wider audience.”

The meeting is being held a Sheringdale primary school in Standen Road tomorrow evening (March 6). People can attend at any time between 7.30pm and 9pm.

The sessions are designed to give local people the opportunity to raise issues of concern with their locally elected representatives and make sure leading councillors and senior town hall officials understand their neighbourhood priorities.

Those attending can raise any issue, with popular topics discussed at previous meetings ranging from parking, street cleaning and recycling to schools, housing, policing, public transport and local NHS provision.

The event will be attended by the three Southfields ward councillors Kim Caddy, Guy Humphries and Terry Walsh, plus the leader of the opposition Simon Hogg, as well as Cllr Govindia.

People with a disability who require support or assistance to attend should call Gareth Jones on (020) 8871 7520 or email

A leaflet advertising the meeting has been hand delivered to very home and business in the ward.

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