Minister meets Wandsworth gritting team

Published: Thursday 1st March 18

Government minister Rishi Sunak has met Wandsworth’s gritting team and praised them for their efforts in keeping borough streets cleared during this week’s cold weather.

Mr Sunak and Cllr Cook with members of the gritting team

Mr Sunak, who is Under-Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government visited the council depot at Frogmore today.

This houses the council’s  nine gritting lorries which deal with icy roads, as well as a large staff contingent who grit busy pavements and footpaths. The depot also stores the council’s stockpile of some 3,500 tonnes of salt.

Mr Sunak watched as the lorries picked up the new stocks of salt.  He said: “I know the teams have been working hard gritting virtually 24 hours a day this week and they explained that as soon as temperatures drop or there’s more snow it all has to be done again.  I’m impressed by their speed and thoroughness and the efficiency of the gritting operation here in Wandsworth.”

He also spotted a pile of old street lamps that will be recycled after being replaced by new LED lamps and said he would encourage other councils to carry out similar projects. The new lamps are for more energy efficient and will save the council £11m over 25 years. 

As well as the Frogmore depot, Mr Sunak also saw some of the electric car charging points installed on borough streets. Wandsworth is well ahead of the curve with installing electric vehicle infrastructure and aims to make electric motoring the norm rather than the exception – an approach praised by the minister. It is installing more than 700 charging points on lamposts, plus another 120 Source London car charging points in addition to the 99 already installed around the borough.

The minister was also interested in hearing about the support available to local businesses from the council’s Economic Development Office, including how Wandsworth is attracting millions of pounds of inward investment. He met Caryl Davies from the Wandsworth Town Business Improvement District, which enables local businesses to take an active role in improving and marketing their town. 

The cabinet members for community safety, Cllr Jonathan Cook, and business, Cllr Kim Caddy, showed Mr Sunak around on his tour of the borough. Cllr Cook said: “It was good to have an opportunity to let our hard-working gritting teams know that their efforts are appreciated.

“They have nearly 230 miles of road and 450 miles of pavement to cover, so face a mammoth task this week. But we would like to assure our residents that they are doing all they can to keep Wandsworth’s streets clear.”

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Danny dan the definition of a keyboard warrior, slaying people through the web, big ups yourself wasteman hard fingers...

5 March 2018

Our Wandsworth pavements are a disgrace - snow or no snow. Shuttleworth Rd, Fieldview - 2 of the Wandsworth deathtraps - where tree roots have rendered pavements unsafe to walk on. Friends have been hospitalised falling on both + Magdalen Road also - with broken limbs. Probably lucky for Wandsworth they are not litigious.
Liz D

3 March 2018

Having read this I believed it was very enlightening. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this content together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

2 March 2018

One more thing, if your brain is smart enough to comprehend this, grit is TOXIC to pets, cats & dogs etc etc. When they walk they walk on the gritted paving you long for so badly. The salt stays on their paws or gets caught in their fur, if they lick it and swallow the grit it can kill them. So if you would rather a pet cemetery instead of putting up with a bit of melting snow and ice for a couple of days before it warms up. Well tough sht
Danny Dan

2 March 2018

YOU are a joke Mike. It’s funny how abit of snow falls here and we as a people panic so much, whereas in Scandinavian countries the weather is like this the majority of the winter and guess what ? They just deal with it. Buy some decent winter boots and shut up.
Danny Dan

2 March 2018

Mike & Jane there’s a real strong smell of bullsht coming from the pair of you, let me ask, how are you contributing to helping out to get rid of the snow and ice? You are just sitting on your backside moaning and groaning, You are not doing sht. They are doing what they can with what they’ve got,there is only so many hours & numbers they can make up between them. All the workers are focused on doing the roads right now 24 hours a day around the clock & they have about 10-15 teams doing the footpaths all over the borough aswell as separate teams doing the roads. There’s plenty of salt bins dotted around your local areas, get up and spread it about if you are that worried, otherwise don’t bother commenting. Roehampton HAS been gritted btw
Danny Dan

2 March 2018

ok so its friday afternoon, nearly all of roehampton is still not gritted, wandsworth high street has ice covered pavements, as does the gravyard between garret lane and st anns hill, not worth listing the huge amunt of areas not touched, easier to say the council offices are nice and clear the rest ???????? shambles of a council. joke.

2 March 2018

Yes, it is great that the road where I live was salted and is clear. However, it is not so great that in order to walk to get the paper, I have to walk in the middle of the road because nothing has been done about pavements, not even on York Road, which is lethal. Another sign that pedestrians don't count in Wandsworth? - or do they only count in some areas?

1 March 2018